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The Mysterious Slavic Pantheon of Gods…

The Slavic individuals are the ethnic group who reside in the current day regions of Eastern Europe for example Russia, Czech Republic and Romania (former Transylvania). Like the majority of early, questionnable, European mythologies, ancient Slavics believed both of these divine beings had control of their lives. In Slavonic myth these early rites and rituals were in line with the principle the natural world is lived on and controlled by advantageous and dangerous spirits of nature. Later, these forces were anthropomorphized into divine beings who possessed special forces and processes. The final god from the East and South Slavs was Perun, god of lightning and thunder, who controlled the weather of nature. Svarog, recognized to most Slavs, was considered because the father from the deities: Byelobog (the White-colored God, good) and Chernobog (the Black God, evil and dying).

Magical Creatures in Slavic Mythology

3 Slavic Mythological Monsters | MONSTERS AMONG US #5


Jordan Toms: It's okay for a dead person to wail into the night but when I do it someone always throws a shoe at me..

Rae MacKay: Hope you learnt from George Bush how to dodge shoes like a ninja. :3

April Litteral: 😂

Rory Shields: Cayleigh,you've gotta do an Irish monster episode!

Heartburn52: yeah there's even a mother of all demons


Ryan: If you like Slavic Folklore I highly recommend The Witcher games. And the Books ther based on. Especially The Witcher 3 wild hunt.

Gustavo Slavic: The three witches from the game freaked me so much out when I saw them, because when I was small my grandmother described them exactly like that.

SocialFoam: there are lots of creatures from Russian folklore too. I guess, we have them in common.

Spectrum: can we have more slavic monsters?