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10 weird beings from slavic mythology and folklore - listverse 20 in recognition

Even though some scholars disagree, the overall consensus would be that the ancient Slavs considered Perun, the thunder god, is the supreme god of humanity. Perun seems probably the most frequently in old Slavic texts, and indicating him are typical in Slavic artifacts. For that ancient Slavs, Perun was the most crucial god within their pantheon.

Perun was the god of war and thunder. He rode a chariot and wielded several mythical weapons. The most crucial was his axe. He put it in the wicked, also it always came back to his hands. Perun also fought against with stone and metal weapons and fire arrows.

When Perun desired to send the best destruction upon his opponents, he used magical golden apples. These apples were talismans of ultimate devastation. Because of his epic nature, Perun was always portrayed like a muscular man having a beard made from bronze.

Within the mythology, Perun fought against with Veles over mankind and try to won, banishing Veles towards the underworld. As a result, Perun was regarded as the most crucial god.

In 980, Prince Vladimir the truly amazing erected a statue of Perun before his palace. As Russian power spread, the worship of Perun grew to become prominent one of the Eastern Europeans and spread all through the Slavic culture.

Once the Christian missionaries first found Russia, they tried to dissuade the Slavs from questionnable worship. Within the East, missionaries trained that Perun was the prophet Elijah making him a patron saint.

10 weird beings from slavic mythology and folklore - listverse chariot and

Western missionaries replaced Perun with St. Michael the Archangel. With time, the options of Perun grew to become connected using the Christian monotheistic God. Still, the worship of Perun survived through the Christian era, and worshipers still hold feasts on This summer 20 in recognition from the thunder god.

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