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MAGNUS CHASE — Official Trailer


Sascwach Laya: "A hero is born" ??? More like "A hero is killed". Am I right?

Sal Lundmark: Sascwach Laya yes haha

Abcde Lei: If Magnus Chase will meet Thor, he will be Chris Hemsworth on my imagination LOL

Little Mac Punch Out Boxer: Abcde Lei Thor is lazy and is into modern shows. It's in the book!

Arta Qorri: There is a petition about Precy Jackson to be made a TV series. I signed this. Yous should do it also because you never know… Please do it and help us find more supporters!!! Here's the link:\n

JassonNation: "And these worlds…..lets just say they didn't get along very well" Fanboy intensifies

Elise Chase: +JassonNation because we feel like it.

TheDiamondKid: When I heard that I was like: CHILLS What the Helheim!!!???? That was Awesome!!

Pyrrhic Loser: i love the voice for this. like the sterotypical new yorker accent. i so want magnus to just be like "badda bing badda boom im walkin here"

Caseydia: +Heroes_of_Olympus 77 Thank god.