Pandora’s box: is human curiosity a blessing or perhaps a curse?

Pandora’s box: is human curiosity a blessing or perhaps a curse? would shock and which

Curiosity compels us to understand and also to explore, which can result in very positive outcomes. However, the storyplot of Pandora’s box suggests that curiosity can also lead to negative outcomes. There are lots of instances where people’s curiosity leads these to consider using a harmful stunt or causes these to look once they ought to keep their heads lower. Nearly every highway commuter recognizes that when there’s any sort of accident, people slow lower to appear. Sometimes they cause another accident.

A really interesting number of recent reports explored whether people’s curiosity would obtain the better of these.  Participants were given pens that caused painful (but harmless) electric shocks, and a few pens that didn’t, and were advised that although these were awaiting a rating task, they might decide to click a few of the pens to pass through time.  In certain conditions the pens were called that would shock and which wouldn’t.  In other concerns, it had been unknown which from the pens would shock. 

They discovered that the participants clicked more pens within the uncertain conditions, while they were advised that 1 / 2 of the pens would shock them.  Quite simply, there is an impact reminiscent of Pandora’s box—even although the participants understood bad things might happen by clicking the pens (opening this area), they still made it happen.  It’s also interesting to notice that within the certain condition, participants’ curiosity still was strong because, typically, they clicked a minumum of one shock and something no-shock pen—curious, it appears, to determine exactly what the shocks were really like.

Do you know the implications of the study?  It appears individuals have an all natural curiosity that triggers these to take a risk, even if they understand the possible dangers.  These include trying a potentially harmful drug to determine what goes on, watching nasty videos of accidents, surgeries, or executions—even though they realize there are negative outcomes connected with satisfying their curiosity.


Hsee, C.K., & Ruan, B. (2016).  The Pandora Effect: The Ability and Peril appealing.  Mental Science (printed online March 21, 2016).

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chris hagerty: you didnt listen to what he said rather heard what you wanted he didnt say we sould abort people carying the gay gene. what he said was he believes parents should have the right to genetically test their fetus and they should have the choice on wether to keep it or not he never said what he would do only that parents should have that personal choice to make for themselves and that they should have the choice to modify their children as they see fit if and when that becomes an option 

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