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Top Ten strangest norse myths - listverse you, Thor would

With Loki with you, Thor would sometimes continue random day journeys only to find trouble. On a single such trip, Thor also introduced along his servant Thjalfi. Following a solid day’s traveling, the 3 were stuck inside a forest without any shelter except a sizable cave having a weirdly branching layout.

The cave was really a glove which belonged to some being who known as themself Skrymir. He would be a giant so large and intimidating that even Thor didn’t wish to bother him. Skrymir pointed the 3 of these in direction of Utgard, a castle full of giants waiting to battle.

Skrymir cautioned them to not irritate the giants living there. But Thor and the buddies immediately overlooked the warning. The king of this specific castle—whose name was Utgard-Loki—informed the 3 they couldn’t stay unless of course each demonstrated his unbeatable skill in certain area.

Loki’s skill was eating very rapidly, Thor’s was imbibing alcohol, and Thjalfi’s was his speed. All of them was pitted against a rival from Utgard, plus they all unsuccessful miserably.

When that Loki had eaten his share from the meat, his opponent had eaten another half along with the bones and 1 / 2 of the trough. When Thor had because he could, it didn’t even create a dent within the mead. Thjalfi had run barely 3 meters (10 foot) before his opponent had won the whole race.

Because it switched out, the enormous who known as themself Skrymir was really Utgard-Loki. He’d been fooling the 3 of these the whole time—pitting Thor against a literal sea, Loki against fire, and Thjalfi from the speed of thought itself.

Top Ten strangest norse myths - listverse fire, and Thjalfi from

Top Ten strangest norse myths - listverse been fooling the

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Gethin Topps: As a Welshman, I can confidently tell you that you are butchering the Welsh names. Also, not all these creatures are from true Celtic origin.

Elaine H: I like these. But true Celtic mythology predates christianity and better. Some of these demons are not so before it