Gods and myths – the vikings for children and teachers – lesson plans, games, powerpoints, activities

Gods and myths - the vikings for children and teachers - lesson plans, games, powerpoints, activities Munin travelled round the Viking

For any very lengthy time, the Vikings supported many gods and goddesses.

These gods were known as the Norse gods, or gods from the north. The gods from the

Vikings appeared as if ordinary people. They’d exactly the same problems that

individuals have like jealously and temper. The Norse gods weren’t

immortal, however they resided very lengthy lives coupled with magical forces.

The Norse gods made their house high on the horizon, somewhere known as

Asgard. The gods’ castles were created of silver and gold. The lovliest and greatest of all of them was Odin’s


Valhalla. (Odin was king from the gods.)

There is another place – Midgard or Middle Earth.

Middle Earth was lived on by giants, elves, dwarfs, goblins,

monsters, and humans. The Vikings believed

the storm-giants, frost-giants, ice-giants, rock-giants, elves,

dwarfs, goblins, and the majority of the monsters who resided in Middle Earth were invisible to

humans, which explains why humans never saw them. However these creatures weren’t

invisible towards the Norse gods.

The gods were forever encountering

harmful creatures, giants especially, sometimes purposely! The

Vikings never

worried their gods may be hurt within their encounters with

giants. The giants were big, however the gods were clever. Besides,

the Norse gods could always escape if things got too rough. A rainbow

bridge, named Bifrost, connected Asgard to Middle Earth. The

god Heimdall guarded the bridge to ensure that no giant could

enter Asgard (or other people uninvited.) Like several the Norse gods,

Heimdall had magical forces. He often see for 100 miles night or

day. Also, he were built with a great feeling of hearing. He could hear grass grow!

Hardly anybody ever got by him.

Odin (also referred to as Woden) was the god of

poetry, wine, understanding, and war, in addition to ruler from the gods. Odin was

sometimes known as the Raven God while he had two ravens who sitting on him, one

on every shoulder, named Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Mind). Every single day,

Hugin and Munin travelled round the Viking world, stalking humans, creatures,

and gods. They came back to Odin each evening, and reported everything they

saw such as the tattletales these were. Odin was grateful to his two ravens for

this news they reported. Odin stored his ravens, but

also, he designed a cope with a sensible, old giant. Odin traded certainly one of his eyes in

exchange for

all of the knowledge on the planet. This is exactly why Odin has two eyes at the start of his existence

as ruler, only one eye afterwards he engrossed in a watch

patch, as well as explains how he grew to become the god of understanding.

Thor was Odin’s boy. Thor was the god of strength, thunder,

storms, and large muscles. He’d an enchanting belt, a magic hammer, iron mitts, and

a chariot pulled by two goats named Toothnasher and Toothgrinder.

Loki was Odin’s adopted boy. Loki would be a

trickster, a mischief maker, along with a shape shifter. In various Norse myths,

Loki switched themself right into a fly, a horse, a fish, a classic lady, along with a seal to trick

someone. Loki loved pranks. A number of

his pranks caused dying, such as the time he tricked Odin’s wife into telling

him how you can get rid of the god Baldur.

the parable goes:

Baldur have been getting nightmares. He was

convinced someone was attempting to kill him. He requested Frigga, Odin’s wife, for

help. Frigga cast a spell that magically blocked stuff that might hurt him from

reaching Baldur. Once the other gods learned about it, they amused themselves by

using Baldur like a target, tossing darts, arrows, sticks, rocks as well as axes at

Baldur. Everything bounced off him harmlessly. Even though it would be a bit startling

to locate an axe hurled at his face, he was Baldur the great, and good gods didn’t


It wasn’t lengthy before Loki grew to become fed up

of hearing exactly what a good sport Baldur was. Loki shiftshaped themself into a classic

lady and went searching for Frigga. As he found her, Loki (that old lady)

complimented Frigga on her behalf spell. "Can nothing cope with?Inch Loki (that old

lady) requested her in amazement.

Delighted using the compliment, she whispered:

"Mistletoe. I overlooked mistletoe. In the end, what harm could mistletoe cause,

and besides, it wouldn’t be sporting to bar everything!"

Which was all Loki required to hear. He cut a

twig of mistletoe in an position allow it a clear, crisp point. He then helped a classic

god, going blind, to participate in the enjoyment. If this was that old god’s use toss

something at Baldur, Loki led his hands, and helped him chuck the ball twig with

such pressure it pierced Baldur’s heart. Baldur the great fell lower dead. Loki

acted as shocked because the other gods, but inside he was laughing.

Which was Loki. You can not trust him, away from

Gods and myths - the vikings for children and teachers - lesson plans, games, powerpoints, activities Loki requestedall.

Sif was the goddess from the harvest, and Thor’s wife. She was

very happy with her lengthy, blonde hair. Eventually, like a prank, Loki cut her beautiful

hair. Sif am sad. She cried tears so heavy with salt that her tears fell on

Middle Earth, and also the crops couldn’t grow. To repair this, and also to avoid an angry

beating by Thor, Loki requested the dwarfs to spin her newer and more effective hair, which

fortunately for Loki, they did.

Freya and Frey were sister and brother. Freya

was the goddess of love and fertility, growth, love, and war. She cried golden

tears when she was unhappy, that was quite frequently. It made her unhappy to

see Viking players fallen in war. Odin permitted Freya to assist only 1 / 2 of the fallen Viking players get over their

wounds. Another half were sent to Odin through the Valkyries, the

she-warrior gods, where they joined Odin’s Hall, also referred to as


Freya’s chariot was pulled by two cats (nature kind living in

Scandinavia.) Freya’s brother, Fray, was responsible for the dwarfs and elves.


were built with a ship that folded into his pocket, along with a magic sword that may

fight by itself. His chariot was pulled with a golden pig.

Idunn was the goddess of youth and sweetness. She

increased the golden apples that Norse gods needed to eat regularly to remain

youthful, healthy, and powerful. Without Idunn’s golden apples to consume, the gods

would rapidly age and be old. Ultimately, they grew to become old anyway, but

the apples gave them a really lengthy existence.

The 3 Norns – The 3 Goddesses of Fate were named

"What’s been", "What’sInch, and "What should beInch. The Vikings believed

that every Viking was linked to their fate by a hidden thread. If this

was here we are at a existence to finish, the Norns would place their scissors and cut the

thread. (Performs this seem familiar? The traditional Greeks had three goddesses known as the Fates, who’d exactly the same

job because the Norns. However the ancient Greeks resided greater than a 1000 years

before the Vikings. Such as the ancient Romans, the

Vikings plumdered more

than goods. They plundered ideas, inventions, as well as gods!)

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