"Conan opened up his eyes and looked in to the bearded faces that bent over him. He was encircled by tall golden-haired players in mail and real furs." — Robert E. Howard: "The Frost Giant’s Daughter"

The provinces of Asgard

The country from the Aesir, situated east of Vanaheim and also the Blue Mountain tops, west of Hyperborea and also the putative River of Dying Ice, and north of Cimmeria and also the Eiglophian Mountain tops.

Asgard and Vanaheim together comprised the location referred to as Nordheim, that was most likely similar towards the mysterious Thule of pre-Cataclysmic occasions. Our prime mountain regions were permanently glaciated, using the glaciers growing because the climate cooled. Within the southern lowlands, taiga forest was presumed to pay for a lot of the terrain. North of the lay the tundra, a saturated plain underlaid by permafrost.

The Aesir who populated this rugged land were a numerous and virile lot. A shade less bloodthirsty than their neighbors the Vanir, they nevertheless gloried in warfare, putting on their famous horned helmets and swinging awesome fight-axes.

Throughout their more peaceable moments, the Aesir supported themselves by hunting abundant musk ox, mammoth, bear, reindeer, moose, fox, and so on. They doubtless augmented their meat diet by gathering lingon-berries along with other wild fruits in season. They’d no agriculture. Each tribe of Asgard was ruled with a "king", whose headquarters would be a timber-roofed Great Hall.

Aesir Warriors

There appears to possess been a tough alliance between Asgard and Cimmeria, because the youthful Conan stayed using the Aesir raiding both Vanaheim and Hyperborea. Asgard was among the couple of nations never subdued throughout the wars from the latter Hyborian Age. The sneaking glaciers ultimately forced its people out.

Following the finish from the Ice Age, the heights of Asgard created the Scandinavian Peninsula.

References: Hyborian Age I-II, Frost Giant’s Daughter, Phoenix around the Sword, Hour from the Dragon, et al.

  • Population: 630,000
  • Capital: None
  • Ruler: Various petty nobleman
  • Major metropolitan areas: None (small villages)
  • Sources: Game (musk ox, mammoth, bear, reindeer, moose, fox), mammoth ivory
  • Imports: Steel weapons
  • Allies: Cimmeria
  • Opponents: Hyperborea, Vanaheim
  • Tech level: Ancient
  • Religion: Ymir

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