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Peter Sciretta on the set of Thor: The Dark World

This past year, I traveled to London to go to the group of the Marvel follow up Thor 2: The Dark World. The photo above is me holding Mjölnir, Thor’s legendary hammer — it’s really heavier of computer looks — within the massive weapon room from the film’s production offices. After the jump read concerning the a lot of things which i learned during set, watching a relevant video blog reaction I recorded following the visit. In a few days we’ll be publishing a few of the interviews we conducted on set using the talent and crew, so be looking for them also.

Video blog with Frosty from Collider:

50 a few things i learned around the group of Thor: The Dark World:


The Worlds:

The scope of the film is supposed to feel massive. Thor 2 is placed both in Asgard and Midgard (i.e. our planet), but we all do see much more of Asgard and also the nine realms than we did in Thor. The story is going to be half according to Earth and half occur Asgaurd along with other worlds. While the storyline does involve Earth greatly, SHIELD does not have a presence within this film.

Earth will feel the existence of “the singularity,” a flex within the world. Fault lines over the world contract every couple of 1000 years, which is the very first time it’s felt on the planet. We had concept art of youngsters playing around a forgotten warehouse where they visit a cement truck rotating in mid-air.

Asgard was is made by Thor’s great grandfather, grandfather and father, and every location has numerous layers in history. A real effort is made to help make the Asgard sets multilayered and highly textured, using just as much practically-built sets and real locations as you possibly can, combined with digital set extensions which is added by artists in publish. The set design is grounded inside a more organic design sense compared to the initial film, a lot like how Game of Thrones is occur a real possibility-based world with fantasy overtones.

Mike Morrison, the visual effects supervisor, pressed to shoot base footage whenever you can — to shoot fundamental plates and aerial work accustomed to insert visual effect augmentation, instead of create full shots within the computer.

Marvel traveled to Iceland at the start of the shoot, filming 7 days within the freezing cold. The filming incorporated volcanic lava-capped mountain tops. Svartalfheim looks very otherworldly plus they shot on location in Iceland to archive a few of the exteriors.

Additionally they shot on location in London. Huge action scenes occur around London, featuring a few of the big landmarks from the city. Stonehenge also plays in to the storyline. Marvel shot on location at Stonehenge rather of recreating it on stage.

The advancements of Asgard will always be contained in every scene for the reason that world, to help keep the sci-fi position in the forefront in order that it doesn’t just become another Bet on Thrones/Hobbit looking fantasy film.


We see the more dark underbelly of Asgard, in which the non-royal figures live. We visited second unit production where these were filming Loki inside a prison cell within the palace dungeon. The area consists of mainly charcoal-black bricks, having a 20-feet tall door in front. There is a lengthy dungeon hallway, like something from Dungeons and Dragons, with completely white-colored rooms on each side, similar to 2001. Yellow lighting originates from the leading from the rooms, giving the consequence of pressure field jail wall. The hallway has eight of those rooms. Asgardian patterns line the center of the hallway. Loki’s cell is furnished with books gifts from Frigga to create him feel more in your own home. We viewed a wedding rehearsal of a number of Asgardian pads running nearby and lower the hallway.


The greatest group of the show may be the Medina set, which required 4 several weeks to construct. The outdoors free standing set includes a pub having a big hearth within the corner. The pub seems like a location players happen to be pursuing battles for generations, telling tales of the valor. In the backdrop is the Asgardian training grounds, in which the players train for that battles happening all over the cosmos. Huge 30-feet wide posts stand 25 ft, which is enlarged with set extensions, and there’s blue screen of death without anyone’s knowledge. A courtyard has brick structures with golden Asgardian designs included in them. Greenery wraps across the structures. A large golden arch increases 20 ft in mid-air before it stops, to become completed later by CG set extension. Huge fire goblets are around every corner.

Production design referenced Jack Kirby‘s designs as Marvel impressed the significance of his work, but a lot of the architecture within the film is dependant on a mashup of real-world details.


Link With The Marvel Motion picture World:

Thor: The Dark World will get twelve months after The Avengers and 2 years following the first Thor movie.

The show will connect using the second phase from the Marvel world but is much more of the separate story than the majority of the movies within the first phase.

Feige states that “the threads which will build towards the greater threat will be seeded” but the Avengers films is going to be yet another payoff, not what’s driving these single films.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth first spoken concerning the story for that follow up with producers while doing press for The Avengers. Tom thinks that ideas he provided might have managed to get in to the film.

We visited the looking for Jane Foster’s London apartment, which is designed to be considered a studio apartment but is really an enormous space including a big patio. The numerous small details in her own apartment were impressive. A paper clipping on her behalf fridge reads “Citizen narrowly escapes dying around the roads of recent You are able to,” having a photo of Thor within the rumble of New york city. There’s another clipping a good “asteroid on the quick studies with earth” and saying “particle sheds light on dark matter.” A paper around the table: “Einstein-Rosen Bridge Theory: The Brand New Reality.” Jane has a lot of book shelves full of books on science. In your kitchen, I spotted an espresso cup using the lower situation letter “j” onto it.  On a cork board is definitely an article, “Blurry Photo Captures Epic Fight at Stark Towers”. You never know if these details may even be viewed within the film.

Multiple actors declined to reply to when the Tesseract was still being an issue within this film, therefore it probably is.

We won’t see inside Odin’s vault again within this follow up.

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Everything Wrong With Thor: The Dark World


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