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Kostroma may be the East Slavic goddess of love and fertility and fruitfulness. In Slavic mythology, she was the one which provides fertility and abundance of land, being invoked every spring through various rituals. Kostroma brings individuals born about this day a unique talent on paper and speaking. Kostroma can also be the goddess of signs and coincidences.

Dodola, patroness of youthful women and preserver of the secrets, is within some interpretations the wife of Perun, the final god and also the god of thunder. The traditional Slavs thought that when Dodola was milking the heavenly cows, the rain fell on earth. Each year in spring, Dodola flies over the fields and forest, making trees to flourish. Therefore she symbolizes the youth and also the rebirth.

Slavic Goddess Dodola

In Slavic mythology, Maya is among the divine forces of nature, the pressure that provides existence – the sun’s rays using the rain. Maya thus remains a goddess of nature, considered because the bearer from the gifts of crops. She’s frequently portrayed like a beautiful mature lady, holding heads of grain and ripe fruit. She is among the most revered Slavic goddesses.

Mokoš may be the only female divinity within the number of the seven primordial gods from the eastern Slavs. She is the protector of the home, harmonizing the connection between family people. Mokoš may be the “goddess who purrs wool”. She’s frequently symbolized with anthropomorphic deformities (a sizable mind and lengthy hands) .She protects, respects and builds the women’s work, especially hand crafted things .Also she’s “the one that knots the fate” of individuals and she or he seems like a goddess of fate and future.

Slavic Goddess Mokosh

Letnicha Lola may be the goddess of beauty, love, attraction and sexuality. She plants love within the hearts of gods and men. She’s symbolized like a tall slender lady, with delicate features along with a lengthy golden hair. The Goddess may be the embodiment of divine beauty and eternal youth.


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