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Within this portion of the thread, I’ll attempt to provide a better summary of the Slavic mythology.


Slavic countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro, Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine) result in the largest ethnic number of Europe of ~235 million people, adopted through the Latin (190) and Germanic (180). With regards to the free PC gaming marked, they create an enormous area of the european playerbase. Gabe Newell of Valve has mentioned that Steam is targetted mainly for the playerbase of Russia and Germany. With regards to the MOBA market, an example is Dota 2: Ukraine has got the second greatest playerbase, that’s just 1% underneath the US. So yes, there are plenty of players that may be introduced into Smite, utilizing their culture.

All the countries above share exactly the same mythology, which makes it a really different and complex one. For any future pantheon, the Slavic will be a sensible choice when demographic based profit is worried.


The Slavic mythology is really a universal religion which was across the majority of Eastern Europe. It’s a early mythology (believed up to now so far as seventh century BC). Through the years it’s adopted aspects of many cultures, including Indian, Mongol, Egyptian, Persian, Norse, Sami, Baltic and Greek. Many Slavic gods have Persian and Egyptian names (just like a sun god Khors, who’s name originates from the the Persian word Hors, meaning Sun). They likewise have adopted many gods of various cultures (for instance you will find Agni, Devana (Diana), Woda (Odin) and Hela (Hel)) and lots of religious concepts (like gods getting multiple physical forms, in the Hindu religion). As a result, the Slavic mythology has among the greatest figures of gods, even when many of them are actually forgotten.

While Slavic mythology shares some similarities along with other European mythologies, there are several key variations. Scince the field of the living may be the earth and sky, there aren’t any temples and all sorts of rituals ware performed underneath the obvious sky. The field of the living is ruled by Perun, however in some regions Svarog is worshipped in the place. The underworld may be the arena of Veles, it’s a eco-friendly field with endless spring. With respect to the method of existence, bad people ware frequently changed into monsters (including Vampires and Werewolfs) or imprisonned under ponds or subterranean water streams. Probably the most severe punishment from the gods had been switched to stone.

While the majority of the greater mythology (the gods as well as their deeds) was lost within the christianisation, the majority of the lower mythology regarding heroes, plants, herbs, spirits and monsters is preserved. Those are the Rusalki (Sirens), Vampirs, Volkodlaks (Warewolf), Zarptici (Firebird), Zmey (Dragon), Samodivi (Fairies), Ispolins (Giants), Striga to mention a couple of. Similary towards the Celtic mythology a really big a part of their pantheon includes human heroes (Ilya-Muromets and Svyatogor, Burislav, Vasilisa, the bugatirs…). For just about any fans from the game or book series "The Witcher", it is dependant on spirits, creatures, monsters and herbs in the Slavic mythology and maybe it’s a good referance to how these creatures ware immagined.

Inside a publish below I’ll list a lot of the Slavic gods (and a few monsters). Because of the different theories between regions, I will not talk from the familly connections between your gods because there are too many theories. What they are called from the gods can nonetheless be linked together, as gods have similar roles in most regions.

This is a listing of Slavic deities:

Belobog (Byelobog) – his name means "white-colored god". He’s the god of sunshine and hope. He seems being an old man having a lengthy white-colored beard, outfitted in white-colored and transporting an employee. He fights with Chernobog.

Chernobog – his name means "black god" He’s the alternative pressure of Byelobog. He’s god of darkness, the bringer of calamities and destruction.

Datan – 1 of 3 minor Polish gods who guard the fields, together with Lawkapatim and Tawals

Dajbog (Dažbog, Dazhbog, Dazhdbog) – God from the Sun. Dajbog travels inside a chariot over the sky every single day like Helios, getting justice, success and sunshine around the world.

Devana (Dziewanna) – Goddess from the Search.

Dodola – Goddess of clouds and rain.

Dodoga – God from the West wind.

Jarovit (Gerovit) – God of War. Also, he could be the same god as Yarilo, the god of springtime and plant life.

Khors (Hors) – A significant moon deity in certain countries. In other, he’s a god from the Sun.

Kolyada – Personification from the winter. There’s a festival locked in his recognition with similar name. Kolyada may be the Slavic reputation for "Christmas", that takes place simultaneously. In certain regions there’s rather the festival Kolada, that is a celebration towards the goddess Lada. They occur between 21-31 december.

Krukis – God from the blacksmiths and domestic creatures.

Kresnik – God of fireside and storms, he’s possibly another name of Svarozhich.

Kupala – Goddess assosiated with summer time solstice, the sun’s rays and upkeep of traditions

Kupalo – Personification from the summer time. Kopalo is really a male form of Kupala.

Lada – Goddess of spring, love and sweetness. She resides in the Otherworld, known as Vyri, before the spring equinox, when she emerges, getting Spring together with her.

Leshii – Spirit that protects nature creatures and also the forest.

Morana (Marzanna, Morena) – Goddess of Winter and Dying. She’s sometimes also connected with nightmares and illusions. She is another goddess of harvest.

Mokosh – Goddess of the world. She’s even the goddess of ladies and protector of moms. She rules over fertility and midwifery. In her own place there was once a goddess known as "Mati-Syra-Zemlya" (Moist Mother Nature) who had been the personification of Earth.

Mora – God from the ocean. Mora is another spirit of nightmare, who kills people during sleep.

Musail – King from the forest spirits.

Myesyats – God from the moon.

Ozwiena – Goddess of echo and gossip

Pereplut – Goddess of fortune.

Perun – God of thunder and lightning, ruler of the world and sky, usually greatest god within the pantheon.

Porevit (Porvata) – God of forest and summer time.

Proven – Divine judge. Likely exactly the same god as Peklenc.

Radegast (Radigost) – God of sacred hospitality. Frequently connected using the night, evening sky, fire and war.

Rarog – God of whirlwinds.

Fishing rod – Creator around the globe and existence itself.

Rozhanitsy – The Rozhanitsy are three goddesses who’re the fates, or spirits of human fatality. Alternately, they’re mother and daughter goddesses of love and fertility.

Ruevit (Rugievit, Rinvit) – God of fall. He’s seven faces. He’s the patron deity of Rügen island.

Simargl (Semargl) – The doomsday hound. An enormous winged dog with sharp bald eagle claws (a griffin using the mind of the hound). They can consume the world and it is chained towards the star Polaris. In other myths he’s a god of fireside and protector of homes and agriculture.

Stribog – God of wind, storms and dissension. He brings the frost and cold. He’s known as the grandfather from the winds, and often the distributor of wealth.

Svantovit – God of war, and protector of fields. His idol had four heads, and held a horn full of wine, that the priest predicted the harvest. Svantovit also were built with a sacred white-colored horse which predicted the end result of war – whether it walked over the palings using its right feet, it had been a great omen, however with its left, a poor omen.

Svarog – He’s heaven god, in addition to a cruz and also the giver of fireside. Svarog hammered the sun’s rays fit and placed it on the horizon. In certain regions worshipped because the greatest god within the pantheon. Dajbog and Svarozhich are his sons.

Svarozhich – Personification of fireside and boy of Svarog. He reignites the sun’s rays in the finish of winter.

Triglav (Tribog) – A 3 headed god. Triglav represents a fusion between Svarog, Perun and Dajbog, or Svarog, Perun and Veles. His names means "Three-heads".

Troian – God from the night.

Uroda – Slovakian goddess of agriculture and fields.

Varpulis – God of storm winds.

Vesna – Goddess of spring.

Veles (Volos, Walgino) – God of fall, underword, earth(quakes), water, cattle, wealth, music, magic, trickery,… Veles is ruler from the underworld, which in Slavic mythology and it is a eco-friendly field with endless spring. He’s sometimes portrayed as wolf-headed, sometimes like a huge serpent who dwells in water. He’s the enemy of Perun.

Yarilo (Jarilo) – God of sexuality, plant life, fertillity and spring. Yarilo leads a white-colored horse and goes barefoot, transporting a lot of wheat ears in the left hands, along with a human skull in the right.

Zivena (Siva, Ziva, Razivia) – Slovakian goddess of existence.

Zirnitra – He’s a huge Black Zmey (Slavic Dragon). He’s even the god of sorcery.

The Zoryas – The Zoryas are 2 siblings, representing the morning star and also the evening star. Zorya Utrennyaya, goddess of beginning and Zorya Verchernyaya, warrior goddess of dusk. They’re possibly even the fates. They watch the demonic god Simargl chained to Polaris as he escapes the planet will finish.

Baba Yaga – a classic hag who’s a powerfull witch and eats kids. She’s in many myths, but is not a deity.




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