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A trio of gods who clearly were important deities, because they appear in a variety of areas of Slavdom. However, their regards to one another is tough to pin lower: does "Svarozic" mean "boy of Svarog", or perhaps is it just a diminutive, alternate form of the name?To resolve this conundrum, several theories happen to be suggested. One of these posits that Svarog may be the fire god, and also the father to both Svarozic and Dazbog. Another, there are 3 gods, Svarog heaven god, and the boy Dazbog the god of fireside, Svarozic becoming an alternate reputation for one or two.Svarog themself is pointed out in just one source, where he’s the same as Hephaestus. But he is another contender for that title from the top Slavic god. Dazbog is usually considered a sun god, although based on some, Dazbog were built with a dual nature as both diurnal god from the sun and nocturnal protector from the underworld. Svarozic, strangely enough, may also be thought to happen to be identified with Perun. It appears that regional preferences may have been of matter.In comparative mythology, analogies are attracted towards the proto-Indo-European sky god Dyaeus Pater, a predecessor of figures for example Zeus and Jove in addition to Hephaestus along with other mythical smiths. Within the Dvoyeveriye cults, Svarog and Svarogic switched into St.Cosmas and St.Damian (Kuzma i Demyan).

  • Genius Cripple: A few of the folk tales illustrate Svarozic/Dazbog as lame, which attracts interesting parallels with all of all of those other lame smithing gods.
  • Light Them Up: Svarog literally means "shining god"/"light god". An enormous debate about whereas they are solar, lunar or day deities is fueled by their unambiguous connections with light.
  • Lunacy: The moon might are also Dazbog’s section of competence.
  • Having fun with Fire: Basically, the entire trio represents different factors of fireside as well as heat.
  • The strength of the sun’s rays: Otherwise for Dazbog, it could have been assumed the Slavs were built with a female solar deity, just as much (ie. comparisons to neighbouring peoples) suggests that. Go figure. Another possibility is they were day deities (which won’t be the same as solar deities, and may co-exist together, for example Dagr and Sól), something implied by Svarog’s possible connections towards the proto-indo-european Dyeus Phter, the god from the daylit sky.
  • Top God: Svarog is really a contender with this position. His claim is less strong than Perun’s, but he appears to become popular in fiction.

Slavic mythology / figures - tv tropes Within the Dvoyeveriye cults, SvarogResourse:
Slavic mythology / figures - tv tropes An enormous debate about

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