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DAJBOG – THE GOD That Provides – God From The SUN

Dajbog is regarded as the God from the Sun, initially presented because the boy of Svarog. When we would make parallels between Greek and Slavic Gods, Dajbog and Svarog could be equal to Helios and Zeus. Some mythologists declare that Dajbog are the best described if in contrast to Apollo.

Some ancient written sources imply Dajbog isn’t just the God from the Sun, but the bringer from the rain, highly worshiped and revered through the cult of Rain, Dodole. Dodole was several youthful and delightful women, usually virgins who performed rituals within the drought periods. They often danced outfitted in white-colored or naked, putting on flower garlands on their own mind, singing and praying for that rain in the future and set the drought for an finish.

Dajbog was regarded as the God that provides, getting wealthy crops, mowing and harvest, in addition to getting new existence, helping families expand and moms having a baby to a lot of healthy children. Overall, in Russia, Belgium and Bulgaria, Dajbog is mainly regarded as the personification from the Sun itself. Rather of worshiping exclusively things that may be present in nature, because they did at that time, Slavs start to give their Gods human names along with other characteristics and traits, making each God pretty much inclined to humans. Dajbog was among the Gods that highly benefited mankind, giving existence, with the warmth from the Sun. Dajbog is principally regarded as the God of rain, Sun and fertility.

Variations of Dajbog between Slavs

For Western Slavs, Dajbog is regarded as the fireplace, as opposed to the sun itself. While they also considered Dajbog is the boy of Svarog, they thought he symbolized fire that may be present in nature following the lightning stroke, in addition to fire that stored people warm at home. In Russia and Bulgaria, Dajbog was mainly the God from the Sun, during some cultures Dajbog seemed to be worshiped like a existence giver, generally equal to the sun’s rays that provides existence to each creature on the planet. Later, because of the mainstreaming of Christianity, Dajbog turns into a synonym for that Demon, getting Christians transforming his name from Dajbog to Dabo, like a procedure for taking out the paganism because the primary competition.

Etymology of Dajbog’s Name

The name Dajbog was mainly utilized in Serbia to deal with the God from the Sun, getting the name produced from two words: Daj– that is obtained from the verb Dati, meaning Give, and also the word Bog, meaning God. Therefore, when the name Dajbog was literally converted, this means The God who Gives, or even the Giving God. Except Dajbog, the God of Sun can also be known as Дажбог (Dažbog), in which the word дажд (dažd) means rain. Variations in the name can be found, but meaning and also the cult he symbolized is sort of similar for those Slavs, getting Dajbog representing probably the most worshiped Slavic Gods.

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