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<p>Magnus Chase and also the Gods of Asgard is Ron Riordan’s newest mythology series. This time around the main focus is Norse mythology! You realize, Thor, Loki, Freya, Odin…? Valkyries? Fenris the wolf? Ragnarok, also known as doomsday, also known as the finish around the globe? Everything nutrients. Anyway, Magnus Chase is actually Annabeth Chase’s cousin — and also the couple of cameos Annabeth makes within this first book, The Sword of Summer time, are pretty great, if very minor.</p>
<p>At this time, Rick’s books are entirely foreseeable within their formula. We obtain a prediction. We must look for a specific missing item/person. There is a deadline. We use a quest making many pit-stops. There is a big confrontation in the finish and a few situations are resolved but much more situations are introduced to light that will have to be solved within the next book…</p>
<p>I believe the majority of us really are a little tired of the identical formula book after book, though it can be useful for this type of quest-type story. Studying The Sword of Summer time, though, felt a bit just like a chore after i reached the center of it. After Magnus will get brought to Valhalla and the Norse heritage, that was really awesome, he continues a search to find the Sword of Summer time and try to keep Fenris the wolf tangled up and not able to begin Ragnarok. The numerous pit-stops got old before long, and also the “final showdown” really felt a little lackluster. Essentially, if you’ve read one Ron Riordan book, you are aware how all of the other medication is organized. Even though it’s fine because, clearly, all of us keep clamoring to them, it will obtain a bit repetitive.</p>
<p>But enough concerning the plot formula. Let’s discuss the figures! Magnus Chase features a completely new group of figures, there’s very little mix-right here (Annabeth to be the only outcomes of series, and she or he is not to complete plot-wise within this book).</p>
<p>Magnus is that this book’s protagonist (should you hadn’t suspected), and we’re to first person tense, as with Percy Jackson and also the Olympians. Magnus, I believe, is really a somewhat different character from Percy, however, there offer a similar experience characteristics they share. Magnus is a lot more sarcastic than I recall Percy being, though (however, I haven’t browse the Percy Jackson series inside a couple of years, so my memory might be a bit faded). He’s also older, at 16, versus Percy was, what, twelve? I loved Magnus a great deal. Will I love him like a character? Not, I am not hugely mounted on him at this time like I had been with Percy once i browse the Lightning Crook. However I imagine Magnus will grow on me.</p>
<p>Magnus’s quest buddies range from the Valkyrie Samirah al-Abbas, a Muslim-American demigod who’s the daughter of the Norse god. Sam’s awesome. She’s smart and hard, and often wears a pea-eco-friendly hijab that doubles like a camouflage/invisibility cloak. She’s and in an arranged marriage having a distant cousin, just like a cousin two times-removed or something like that. And she’s all for this because she’s been crushing about this guy for a long time. Ron doesn’t obsess with these “diverse” topics but mentions them like they’re probably the most normal things on the planet. You decide to go, Ron. You decide to go, Mike. You’re both awesome.</p>
<p>There"s also Blitzen, a way-designer dwarf (!), and Hearthstone, a deaf elf who uses American Sign Language to speak. Because why the heck not? Diversity FTW.</p>
<p>There are the Norse gods and creatures and beings. And they’re just like douche-y and wretched as the rest of the mythological gods in Rick’s books appear to become. Thor cracked me up and can be my personal favorite to date — apparently he’s waaaaay behind on Sherlock and Bet on Thrones, ha!</p>
<p>Certainly one of my personal favorite reasons for this book would be the chapter titles. Like, check out these: “Make Method for Ducklings, or They"ll Smack You Upside the Head”, “Four Million Channels and There’s Still Nothing On Except Valkyrie Vision”, “Come towards the Negative Side. We"ve Pop-Tarts”, “We Are Falafel-Jacked by an Eagle”, “Thou Shalt Not Poop around the Mind of Art”, “I Am Trash-Spoken with a Squirrel”, “Freya Is Fairly! She"s Cats!”, “We Possess a Pre-decapitation Party, with Egg Rolls”, “Hearthstone Passes Out More than Jason Elegance (Though I Do Not Know Who That"s)”, and “We Possess the Talk-About-Turning-Into-Horseflies Chat”. Gold, pure gold. The Way I missed these types of chapter titles in the Percy Jackson books…</p>
<p>There"s also some funny little inside jokes and throwbacks towards the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series found, that have been quite amusing. (I flipped in the pen-sword part, haha.) And, oh boy, the humor within this book is wonderful! It’s pure teenage sarcasm. Possibly and not the most sophisticated wit ever, but it’s entertaining and that i chuckled many, many occasions. Especially at just about everything the Sword of Summer time stated (yes, actually, this sword can TALK).</p>
<p>Within the finish, The Sword of Summer time would be a fun book, although not one which is amazing. It’s an entertaining and funny adventure, and I’m beyond pleased that Ron is covering Norse mythology. (Now, if he could just write a set about Asian mythology, I possibly could die happy.) I recommend his new Magnus Chase series to Riordan newbies. But if you’ve read his other books, you’ll love this particular, I believe. It’s not really as surprising or original due to the formula the result is, but it’s certainly something to get should you miss the Percy Jackson days out on another mind some similarities. And last, since i have to bring it up, there is a character found named Mallory Keen, who is among Magnus’s hall-mates in Valhalla. I loved each and every scene she is at because, duh, reasons. I usually like strong women that share my name. ♦</p>
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