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This can be a book I’ve desired to read because the day it had been released but because I had been stupid I sent it to my house rather of where I resided at uni, so I needed to wait more than a month to can look at this. However have completely finished it so here we are at review.



Thor’s hammer is missing again. The thunder god includes a disturbing practice of misplacing his weapon–the mightiest pressure within the Nine Worlds. However this time the hammer isn’t just lost, it’s fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and the buddies can’t retrieve the hammer rapidly, the mortal worlds is going to be defenseless against an onslaught of giants. Ragnarok will start. The Nine Worlds will burn. Regrettably, alone who are able to broker an offer for that hammer’s return may be the gods’ worst enemy, Loki–and the cost he wants is extremely high.

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My Estimation

It’s been some time since i have browse the first book within the series, and so i had forgotten a great deal of what went down, which meant I needed to read a synopsis from the last book to jog my memory. However when I’d finished and began to see this book everything appeared to return in my experience all at one time also it felt good so that you can return right into a Ron Riordan book again. There’s something about Ron Riordan writing which i just can’t appear to consume enough off.

I have not been so grateful for any reference in most my existence till I just read this book, I do not know around about Norse mythology when i do Greek and Roman so remembering all of the names and places was difficult or being able to pronounce them being worse but because of the reference I could continue.

I loved the writing within this book, it were able to take me to after i was initially studying with the Percy Jackson books and loving every second and provide me exactly the same feeling while studying through that one. Used to do a lot of the studying around the train at home to college and that i almost missed my stop when i desired to finish the chapter prior to getting from the train. I simply got engrossed within the book much, I normally pay attention to music while studying around the train but no earphones where needed while studying this as nothing was distracting me. All things in this book is described perfectly and makes having the ability to imagine from the giants towards the nine worlds so easily it can make you feel like you’re really there.

The read went pretty rapidly for me when i felt such as the 471 pages felt like 300 otherwise less, which in my experience show precisely how rapidly you receive engrossed within the book and merely don’t would like it to finish.

One factor I have to say relating to this book is when it will help people know very well what genderfluid people undergo every day. The way they don’t feel at ease being only one gender because they seem like they belong with although not simultaneously. It may also help people understand exactly why they will use different pronouns on their own. Alex states she/he prefers the he and she or he pronouns only when she’s that exact gender but she knows individuals who prefer they and them. I believe Ron Riordan is on the role with helping more youthful people understand the different sorts of individuals like the gender fluid within the Magnus Chase series as well as in the paths of Apollo with gay and bisexual people. Using the way he’s writing it will help show people simply because you do not feel normal doesnt mean you’re not.

Should you browse the first book, then I suggest you look at this one for me it simply increases the story a lot and enables you to want the 3rd book immediately. Regrettably, we’ve got to hold back till between October the coming year because of its release.


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Eva Peña: Okay…\n1. Alex Fierro is so damn cute and I want Magnus and Alex together and have a good ship to go crazy with it!!\n2. The last scene made me jump I mean it's going to be a crossover PJ and Magnus Chase I'm soooo excited!!! 💕

a dash of ash: Yes yes yes yes yes to ALL OF THIS! 1000% YES


a dash of ash: HAHAA I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

Olivia Siggers: ALEX FIERRO IS THE MOST PERFECT PERSON ON THE PLANET!!! And yesss FierroChase is so cute!

a dash of ash: YAAAASSSSS

ADayWithTheBay: but overall all of ricks books are amazing. Ashley you are truly amazing and you share my love of books. I want to let you know you are my idol. never stop the vids and never stop reading you are truly amazing. love u

ADayWithTheBay: never stop i am now going to start my own book channel because of u thank u so much for the inspiration cant wait for your next vid luv ya

a dash of ash: ADayWithTheBay aww that's amazing! I'm so happy I could help💕❤️

Veridissima: I think the thing with the Roman and Greek Gods was because they are the same Gods but with dual personality, and during HOO, their personalities were all confused. Percy and Annabeth have learned about the Egyptian Gods, and even before they met Carter and Sadie, in The Kane Chronicles, it's mentioned something like the Egyptian magicians only have power or can only be in one side of New York because the other is under other Gods (which we know as the Greeks in the Empire State Building) – so yeah, I don't think there's only dangerous in knowing, and I really just want a super crossover with everything. And we seem to at least get a mini crossovers with Percy and the Greeks, and I really need to read The Trials of Apollo – that last chapter already spoiled a few things…\nI'm on 100% with you on Sam and Amir – they are so GOOD together, and his reaction to everything is so believable!! And besides Sam being AWESOME, I think it's so important to have a Muslin character portrayed in such a popular series, hopefully it will help combat Islamophobia, especially with younger audiences, and I really love how she accepts both the Norse Gods and Allah in her mind 🙂 And Alex was so GREAT too, I'm so glad that a character like Alex can help someone understand who they are!!\nReally GREAT spoiler talk!! And Happy Reading!!