Magnus chase and also the gods of asgard the review


Revisiting areas of the Percy Jackson world these past several weeks included in the Percy Pack continues to be fun. When i first selected up Percy Jackson after i would be a college newcomer, and the adventure resonated beside me despite the fact that he was many years more youthful than me. So, unlike many youthful folks, I can’t state that I increased track of Percy, however i did love Riordan’s series. I had been excited to look at his newest series, this time around following Norse mythology. Magnus Chase and also the Gods of Asgard is maturer and more dark than Percy Jackson, but nonetheless has Riordan’s now-trademark humor and suspenseful moments.

MagnusChaseCoverThe Sword of Summer time may be the first book from the series, also it starts with Magnus Chase dying. It is not a spoiler. Magnus Chase dies and would go to Valhalla, where the dead, brave Viking players are. He travels with the Viking worlds, researching legends and myths. Much like Percy Jackson, the gods are ornery, funny, filled with revenge–you name it. (Should you aren’t too acquainted with Norse mythology, it’s an enjoyable way to discover it.) Not surprisingly, it’s as much as Magnus can provide relief. (As well as in situation you had been wondering, Magnus relates to Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson they’re cousins.)

This primary book follows a well-recognized formula, and I know all of those other series follows suit. Normally, that might be frustrating, but Riordan understands how to make his tales really entertaining. His strength is within his figures, who’re fully-recognized and genuine. Magnus is really a 16-year-old, and Riordan finds the best balance of humor and angst to create him seem just like a teen. Also, Riordan earns major points for writing an assorted group of figures perfectly. (Find out more about the figures here!)


Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer Non Spoiler Review!


AModelWho'sRead: I always think of Magnus Bane when I hear 'Magnus', and now I'm thinking we need a crossover…

Katie'sBookCorner: Haha. The dedication says "To Cassandra Clare, thanks for letting me share the excellent name Magnus".

AModelWho'sRead: REALLY? \nHaha that's the best

Ang Bod: You said Annabelle! You are Turing into Dionysus! 😂

Lady Loria: From this video, it doesn't seem like you're aware of Rick Riordan's other mythological trilogy, which DOES contain straight-up magic and a different pantheon of gods – Egyptian ones. In the Kane Chronicles (The Red Pyramid, Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow), siblings Sadie and Carter Kane discover that they are descended from Egyptian magicians, and become avatars for two Egyptian gods in order to prevent an evil snake god from destroying the world. It's both very similar to and very different from Percy Jackson, and it takes place in the same universe as both of the other series. The Greek gods are mentioned in the Kane Chronicles, and there are three short stories where Carter and Sadie meet Percy and Annabeth to fight Greek/Egyptian villains =)\nIf you haven't read the series, please do so as soon as possible, it's really, really good, and highly recommended for anyone who loves Riordan's mythological series!

Lady Loria: +Jen Pete Apparently, they're being released in print as a compilation, Demigods and Magicians, in April, but they're available as e-books (as well as audio books and at the back of some of Riordan's other books) right now. They are, in order: The Son of Sobek (Carter Kane meets Percy Jackson), The Staff of Serapis (Annabeth Chase meets Sadie Kane) and The Crown of Ptolemy (All four team up to fight the villain who has been gaining strength throughout the short stories).

Jenna Peters: +Vive Memor Leti Ok thank you much. I will look them up and read them it that order.

itsymeg: Did anyone else hear "his cousin Annabell" towards the end?\n\nGAHHH! I'm excited. maybe going to read on some Norse Mythology in prep for this baby.

Karl Bach: No

Paulyn Radam: yup I heard it I'm triggered. lol jk