Magnus chase and also the gods of asgard book 1: the sword of summer time

Something which majorly surprised me was Odin. I greatly enjoyed his PowerPoint presentation and the acceptance of contemporary technology, something many gods have a problem with. When the Fenris Wolf stated that line someone complain about hiding and never showing themselves. Someone wasn’t who they appeared. I did not know who the shifty one was, however i certainly did not expect them in becoming ODIN! I believed it was really amazing how Samirah had this secret link with him. It simply shows how humble she’s that they still searched for redemption from Valkyries, despite they treated her horribly and did not trust her.

I had been very surprised that Magnus and the crew got rewarded after only one book. Hearthstone and Blitzen appear like they are ready for his or her existence goals as well as their story is finished, which I am hoping isn’t true! Percy needed to wait five books before Zeus even acknowledged everything he’s done, as well as it was still being pretty begrudgingly. Odin is a lot more chill than Zeus. He fought against plus the demigods, went undercover to make certain Valhalla was honorable, and merely generally appears just like a good person (god?). This book did not even involve Greek mythology, and in some way it helped me hate Zeus much more.

The final factor I wish to discuss is my ideas and theories for the following book, The Hammer of Thor. At first from the book, Magnus is cautioned against located on Odin’s throne and looking out for his heart’s desire. When Odin made an appearance in the finish from the book, I wondered whether that moment was coming earlier than I figured. It was and not the situation. I believe this will probably be a finale type of moment which will occur in the finish from the trilogy. We have just a little cliffhanger within the epilogue where we uncover that Uncle Randolph is employed by Loki! I am still just a little unclear about where Loki’s loyalties lie, however i assume this is the point. I’d just a little reassurance for the reason that Randolph was dealing with him just for his family. I understand that’s bad, however i was happy that Randolph’s intent wasn’t voluntarily malicious. I truly just have no idea what is going to take place in the following book!


I absolutely admired this book. If you value Ron Riordan, Norse mythology, or laughing the face off only at that adorable character, then I’d certainly suggest this book. It is so hard that i can let you know that much these books mean in my experience and just how amazing they create me feel. It is a good break in the world filled with laughter and action and general awesome-liness (or "swag-liness" as Magnus would say). For the time being I give you a lovely Magnus drawing. Farewell!


The Sword of Summer Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan (Full Audiobook) – Series Book 1 of 2


mikio kitazondo: I love this book! I lost this book, so i had to listen to this, you're my savior! Thx luv!