Waiting in holy places 2: the celestial city

Waiting in holy places 2: the celestial city Utah to Jack and Sheila

Within HOLY PLACES, Book Two: The Celestial City.

Author: Chad Daybell
Publication Date: Jun 2008
Format: 6" x 9", 200 pages

Author’s Introduction:

And it will be known as the brand new Jerusalem, a land of peace, a town of refuge, a location of safety for that saints of the very most High God. (D&C 45:66)

Six several weeks have passed because the LDS prophets memorable trip to Manti, and also the U . s . States has endured though a harsh winter. Meanwhile, the Coalition forces have methodically taken charge of the nationexcept for that Rocky Mountain tops, in which the snow and ice have stored they hidden from the world.

But spring has showed up, and also the Coalition soldiers are on the go again. In reaction, the Elders of Israel happen to be known as forth in the mountain camps to protect their liberty. Underneath the direction from the prophet, these faithful servants get ready for a showdown which will determine the path of history.

In those occasions, people from the North, Dalton, and Brown families each make vital decisions because they prepare to assist develop a holy city which will stand foreverNew Jerusalem.

The Celestial City, the 2nd novel within the Waiting in Holy Places series, paints an intense picture of exciting prophesied occasions that also must occur prior to the Second Coming. If you’ve got an interest with what awaits the people from the LDS Church, this series should certainly perform your studying list!.


Author Bio

I figured I’d inform you a little about me and also the encounters which have formed my books. I had been born in Provo, Utah to Jack and Sheila Chesnut Daybell. My dad was serving within the Navy throughout the Vietnam War, so we resided in North Park for pretty much 2 yrs. Since that time I’ve always felt a bond to North Park, including cheering the actual North Park Padres, despite their annual mediocrity.

I’m the earliest of 5 children, and Paul, Matt, Kaira and Becky happen to be wonderful brothers and sisters. Our Springville neighborhood had many vacant fields, so we had a lot of fun exploring them once we increased up. We had lots of buddies around when we desired to play baseball, basketball or football.

I’d aspirations to become a professional athlete, but my youthful growth spurts appeared humorously timed. I’m now 6’3", however i didn’t really grow whatsoever during seventh or eighth grades and shortly found myself among the shortest kids in class. Then subsequent summer time I sprouted six inches, which left me rather uncoordinated. l performed on Springville High’s junior varsity baseball team, however i certainly did not dazzle anybody.With regards to my books, I suppose I identify more the actual clumsy teenage Emma, instead of using the sports Doug. My more youthful siblings all excelled in sports, so there’s some real-existence grounds for An Errand for Emma.

However, my pursuit to Nj may be the foundation for Doug’s encounters in Doug’s Dilemma. Every missionary event for the reason that novel is dependant on a real occurrence. It had been a wild 2 yrs, but very fulfilling. The Spanish-speaking individuals are fun-loving and upbeat, regardless of what obstacles they face. I made many dear buddies there that I’m still near to and admire. I came back home like a more compassionate person after my encounters there.

My publish-mission plans incorporated remaining single for any lengthy time and so i might get through school. So naturally, within two days of coming home I attended a singles ward volleyball game and met my future wife, Tammy Douglas, who’s the daughter of Ron and Phyllis Douglas. Tammy and that i were married seven several weeks later.

I attended Brigham Youthful College, majoring in Journalism. When I joined my senior year, I recognized the positioning of Assistant City Editor for BYU’s newspaper, The Daily World. Subsequent semester I offered as City Editor, after which graduated in April 1992.

Following graduation I required employment like a copy editor and headline author using the Standard-Examiner in Ogden, Utah. We resided within the Ogden suburb of Washington Terrace. We made good quality buddies, and that i increased near to the best and brightest co-workers I’d ever enduredBrand New Tammy and that i both felt a yearning to possess our kids develop near their grandma and grandpa and felt a big change was arriving our way of life.

One evening my siblings explained that Springville’s graveyard sexton would retire. I’d labored for Springville City like a teen, also it felt such as the timing was right to create a move. I requested the positioning and it was hired. And So I went from writing headlines to digging graves. It had been an unusual transition, however it compensated better and permitted us to maneuver to Springville.

At the end of 1997, 2 yrs once i grew to become the sexton, I had been shoveling snow in the graveyard after i felt the prompting, "It’s time for you to write your books." This came like a complete surprise in my experience. I’d written some family histories, but I’d never had the opportunity to generate a plot for any book. But quickly after finding the prompting, the whole plot of the Errand for Emma found me. I authored it inside a couple of several weeks, also it was printed in regards to a year next initial prompting.

If this came time for you to write another book, I had been puzzled by the subject, but my hopes were clarified eventually because the plot to Doug’s Dilemma filled my mind, along with the plot for Escape to Zion. I’m very grateful for that hands from the Lord for the reason that project, and that i hope I’ve done an sufficient job using the material I had been given.

In April of 2000 I required a managing position with Access Computer Products. It had been an excellent experience, and that i learned a great deal about the corporate world. However I soon felt a prompting to go back to a writing-based profession, and that i came back towards the publishing industry because the managing editor for Cedar plank Fort, Corporation., the organization that printed my first 12 books.

In 2002, Tammy and that i started a brand new series known as Small Talks. These books contain short messages for kids may get during Primary or Home Evening. The very first three volumes concentrate on temples, the Savior, and also the Church of Jesus. In October 2003 we released Small Talks 4: The Household which matches the 2004 Primary theme. My other recent book releases really are a LDS novel titled Chasing Paradise, a non-fiction book known as The Aaronic Priesthood, along with a board book entitled Book of Mormon Figures.

My books are LDS-related except One Feet within the Grave. It’s a assortment of my actual encounters while inside the graveyard. It is not intended to be taken too seriously. I simply had several "strange but true" occurrences happen to me in the graveyard over several years, and that i stored tabs on these questions notebook. After I eliminate in the graveyard, I selected the very best tales that will entertain readers while showing so what can really take place in a graveyard. It’s been well-received and it is still a high seller on Amazon . com.com.

At the begining of 2004, Tammy and that i felt motivated that arrived to begin our very own publishing company. We’d chose to make this dependent on prayer, and shortly showed up at our decision. We established Spring Creek Book Company, that is the writer of my books. We publish books by a number of gifted LDS authors. You can go to the company’s website at www.springcreekbooks.com.

Tammy and that i are in possession of five children — Garth, Emma, Seth, Leah and Mark. We still reside in Springville, with business offices in Provo. Thank you for visiting, and I think you’ll enjoy your trip here!

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