The pilgrim’s progress summary

The pilgrim's progress summary visible in the Mountain tops

The storyline of John Bunyan’s “pilgrim” happens within the narrator’s dream from the jail cell, and begins within the Town of Destruction (and not the easiest spot to sell property). Came from here, believing that the town will meet its name and (surprise!) be destroyed because of its sinfulness, our pilgrim, Christian, decides to leave in the very useful suggestion of the guy named Evangelist.


Now remember, this book isn’t just an allegory however a dream, so (much like in your crazy dreams) people such as this Evangelist guy can just kind of “appear.” Inside a corn field. And merely occur to give perfect advice. Nobody stated this would be sensible, right?

Christian continues on the highway shown by Evangelist toward the “little Wicket Gate” where his real journey toward the Celestial City will start (you may be also searching for that munchkins and ruby slippers—sorry, different story). Now come his first obstacles. Obstinate and Pliable attempt to convince him not to continue. The Slough of Despond nearly drowns him using the heavy burden (representing his sins) he continues his back, and Mr. Worldly-Wiseman (question what he is doing as a living?) convinces him to consider a supposedly simpler path to paradise rather, which only leads him down the wrong path.

Despite all of this, Christian does reach the wicket gate, where Good-Will helps him through and directs him to home of the Interpreter. Christian’s time using the Interpreter, consuming and analyzing metaphors for Christian teachings, mirrors the allegorical mode from the story in general. Came from here, Christian involves the area from the mix where he realizes Christ’s sacrifice for his sins, and also the burden on his back is released.

Christian is offered a “scroll,” or copy of scripture, to hold with him, certificates he must give at the Celestial City. He’s recently dressed through the Shining Ones or angels that approach him following the burden rolls away. His next encounter is by using Formalist and Hypocrisy, whom he meets in the feet from the Hill of Difficulty. Another two go ahead and take simpler ways round the hill and therefore are destroyed. Christian, obviously, stays around the prescribed narrow path in the hill, where he involves an arbor, a shady, vine-covered shelter.

Regrettably, he falls asleep underneath the arbor and loses his scroll. So, also, he loses time when he needs to retrace his steps to locate it. This really is Christian’s first big lesson in remaining awake and mindful until particularly permitted to relax by his guides. Towards the top of the hill, Christian involves the Palace Beautiful, goes through the raging lions, and it is accepted through the ladies from the Palace. Something informs us the Palace Beautiful also offers some very good cooks, because there’s lots of re-fueling here between your Bible training.

And can turn out this rest is going to be much-needed. Getting managed to get with the Valley of Humiliation, Christian incurs Apollyon, a symbol (a.k.a. an actual, real-existence representation) of Satan, who attempts to tempt him from Christ. The 2 have full-out combat, which Christian finally wins, proclaiming his allegiance to Christ and, subsequently, thanking God for that victory. But troubles are available in threes, and also the hardest trial comes next within the get a hearty the Valley from the Shadow of Dying. Christian walks in darkness, hounded by demons, around the fringe of a chasm, beyond the door to Hell, and just causes it to be out through his belief in God’s continual presence with him.

From the Valley, Christian meets Faithful, another pilgrim and former neighbor from Destruction. The 2 start a friendship, exchange tales from the journey, and lastly are met by Evangelist, who warns them that soon one of these must die for his belief. Christian and Faithful arrived at Vanity Fair—which is definitely an actual fair, but (oops) founded by Satan, and with the most lavish and sinful items to buy.

Here the pilgrims are ridiculed for his or her backwardness and insufficient curiosity about material things (essentially, to be party-poopers). The 2 they fit on trial by Lord Hategood (who’s suspiciously like the judge at Bunyan’s own trial). Faithful defends his conduct and belief from the court. They do not purchase it, however, and that he is burnt in the stake, though a chariot takes him to paradise soon after.

A dude named Hopeful is transformed into Christianity after watching Faithful die for his belief (also referred to as “martyrdom”). He and Christian trigger from Vanity Fair together. The 2 encounter By-ends and the cronies, who argue that you could live for both God and cash. Not again, Christian and Faithful tell this option, are you currently kidding? An enormous argument ensues, that the Pilgrims, obviously, win, while they meet their very own temptation once they pass the silver mine, Lucre. These are advised by Demas in the future and have a look. Christian keeps them, but By-ends & Co. fall prey and therefore are destroyed. The pilgrims try taking some R&R in the River of God.

Once they leave the forest, the street becomes rocky and hard just to walk, so Christian persuades Hopeful just to walk within the field near the road rather. Bad idea! This really is By-Path Field where they soon go missing, held in bad weather, nearly drowned inside a ton, and lastly taken through the Giant Despair who takes these to Doubting Castle.

Here, the enormous and the wife Diffidence torture the pilgrims Christian despairs of his mistake, making them a simple target for that Giant’s proposition of suicide. Hopeful, in keeping with his name, talks Christian using this, enabling him to obtain the key, Promise (he just became of no way is at his pocket—oops!). The 2 escape Despair and understand to the street.

Christian and Hopeful finally reach the Delectable Mountain tops, where they’re welcomed by shepherds and proven a number of wonders. Back on the highway around the final stretch toward the Celestial City (visible in the Mountain tops) they talk with Ignorance. Unsure whether or not to help him or otherwise, the 2 participate in conversation using the man, but soon uncover that he’s pleased to be ignorant and it has no desire to learn an easy method.

Next, they encounter Atheist, that leads Christian and Hopeful (getting left Atheist by himself) to go over the way they each found have Christ revealed for their souls. Ignorance returns and also the pilgrims attempt to demonstrate the falseness of his belief and hopelessness of simply following their own ideas. Ignorance grows frustrated leaving them. Christian and Hopeful thus start to discuss how it’s that many people can stay on the highway yet others aren’t.

Finally, the Pilgrims arrived at the border from the Celestial City. Encircled by singing, the roads paved with gems, the wonder is nearly an excessive amount of for that pilgrims who actually feel “sick” for passion for God. His or her last trial, Christian and Hopeful must mix a river to get at the truly amazing inner gate from the city. Each must mix it by himself, with no help. Christian, considering all his failings in route there, begins to obtain the water too deep. Hopeful (as always, so in keeping with his name!) reminds Christian than Christ’s love removes each one of these problems. Advised and elevated, both of them allow it to be across and therefore are met by angels, who escort these to the gate.

In the gate, they’re received through the prophets and “transfigured” because they go through in to the city. The ultimate picture of the storyline, however, is of Ignorance. The narrator states have experienced him really mix exactly the same river on the ferry known as Vain-hope. When Ignorance causes it to be towards the gate, however, he does not possess a certificate to give (the main one the pilgrims received when Christ was revealed for their souls).

Due to this, Ignorance is bound and brought to Hell. Consequently, the narrator reminds us before waking, “there is a method to Hell, even in the Gates of Paradise, in addition to from Destruction” (P907). Just in situation you had been beginning not to become comfortable …


John Bunyan: The Pilgrim’s Progress


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