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This can be a highly researched and superbly created book, welcome one of the studies on Beauvais. Stephen Murray’s Beauvais Cathedral: Architecture of Transcendence (1989) gave us a detailed architectural analysis. Meredith Lillich’s work profiled stained glass of the period inside a broad way. Within The Armor of sunshine: Stained Glass in Western France 1250-1325 (1993), she noted most of the trends at Beauvais, particularly the mingling of uncolored glass (grisaille) and color. Cothren’s book expands on these studies.

The writer examines four successive campaigns: first the 3 home windows from the axial chapel, second, the initial glazing from the choir, third the glazing from the upper home windows following the collapse from the vaults in 1284, and lastly restorations and new home windows within the 1340s. It’s frustrating he presents little speculation on which may have been within the other chapels, as many as 16 home windows. Might it happen to be grisaille, like the axial chapel of Auxerre? Precedents are located at Saint-Germain-plusieurs-Prés, roughly contemporary with Beauvais. The greater complex the architecture, apparently, the greater intense our desire to usher in greater light with uncolored glass.

The 3 double-lancet home windows within the axial chapel that illustrate a Bishop Saint, Tree of Jesse/Infancy of Christ, and Legend of Theophilus are visibly different. In 90-six pages, Cothren argues the variety relates to subject material. Highly conservative formats from the Jesse Tree/ Infancy window support using a retardataire local style. The greater progressive Bishop Saint window may make reference to all sainted bishops from the See, along with the current prelate, Robert de Cressonsacq (bishop 1238-48), most likely the patron. The Bishop Saint window he associates using the cathedral of Rouen, however the Theophilus window with Parisian styles, particularly Saint-Germain-plusieurs-Prés. The second, however, for this reviewer, recalls the 3 dimensionality of Laon’s home windows, including a Theophilus story (1210-15). This method to evaluating narrative parallels those of Alyce Jordan in Visualizing Kingship within the Sainte-Chapelle(2002).

Research into the second campaign of 1255-65 takes less space. The initial glazing from the upper choir that survived the collapse from the vaults in 1284 includes twelve standing figures. The axial window shows the suffering Christ (Christus patiens), an innovation from the mid–thirteenth century, connected using the new spirituality from the Franciscans and the making of Paris’s Sainte Chapelle around relics from the Passion. The figures are positioned in grisaille connecting these to the brand new “band window” explored by Lillich. The straight bays from the choir would presumably have transported pictures of prophets or saints (precursors or supporters). The initial glazing from the triforium seemed to be in uncolored glass, accented with colored bosses and fillets. Grisaille at the moment was usually enhanced with neutral paint in leaf designs against crosshatched grounds. Here Cothren ventures some ideas about reglazing or using temporary home windows. Two transept roses whose architecture dates towards the late 1220s and early 1230s presumably received their glass between 1255 and 1265 were they replacing a brief closure or were old home windows destroyed to create method for the brand new? The cathedral’s grisaille is really a without color ground in straight lattice patterns, which Cothren sees as displaying “uncommonly bold and monumental simplicity.” Is the choice also provide been cost saving? Later he is doing claim that “thrift might have been a motivating factor” during Guillaume’s episcopacy. Indeed towards the critic Guillermy visiting in 1858 the display was “completely mediocre,” an exam that Cothren disputes.

The 3rd and 4th campaigns were involved in repair. Several extant home windows within the chapels, set up in the 1290s following the collapse, reveal the styles of St. Vincent and also the Apostles. Here the forms are expressionist and apparently betray different painters operating inside a single workshop. The artistic quality of some of the home windows is spectacular. The campaign from the 1340s was extensive, producing probably the most glass that’s been left to all of us. All of the openings within the reconstructed straight bays from the choir were full of band home windows. Here prominent contributors, including Jean de Marigny (Bishop of Beauvais, 1313-1347) and also the Roche Guyon family appear. Same lancets are linked visually to create narratives from the Stoning of Stephen and also the Existence of St. Denis, patron saint of France.

Overall, Cothren makes challenging assumptions: the remarkable architecture of Beauvais frequently continued to be with temporary closings that stylistic diversity was standard within the axial chapel, however the “overarching unity” introduced a visible continuity for an ensemble built-in three separate stages that within the final campaign from the 1340s, they created home windows with deliberate archaisms so that they can harmonize the pictures with individuals dating almost 70-5 years earlier. They are provocative ideas, but according to very thorough research.


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AMBASSiDOR EHANi: This channel = is dedicated to the insights, solutions and topics related to … harmonic living…. what does it mean to be alive, to live in harmony with nature… to live from your center… grow from your center.. be guided by your center.. feel what is real, feel where this could go… feel where the architecture of the future stands.. In the beautiful visions of the temple of illumination.. where everyone is peaceful and loves and laughs together.. growing together.. building together.. sharing together.\n\nThe center is our heart.. the heart field is the strongest vibratory force our being… it transmits what is heavenly and holy '' whole'' .. pure life energy itself.. so do everything to keep your heart and mind open, even though is so much distraction and destruction around us .. be strong.. the heart soul always survives.. these dark days will be transmuted by ourselves first.. the golden age where applied fractal architecture & technological solutions is ALREADY HERE. It starts here. It starts through people like yourself sharing interest and having the spirit of openness to learn . \nDan Winter and myself are very similar in this field of thought, so we ( and many many others ) share the nature of consciousness and how it relates to buildings and technology.. When Spirit and Technology are One.. operating from the heart of sharing, giving, growing.. THIS is God-In-Flesh, When the divine nature returns to our world.. first through human integrity, virtue, heart space.. then to the collective research,investigation and creation of this harmonic technology.. THIS is where we are going. THIS is what will keep us alive in these times… So keep it within your heart.. Know that there is a space for all of you to grow and unfold your divine potential… but be patient… there is a time and space for everything. \n\n<3 thank you and enjoy this lecture:)

Dude31463: Thank you for the re-fresher on this presentation… It is unfortunate that mainstream Architecture Universities and Practice merely skim over this, if even that, and they consider folks like Bucky Fuller, Dan Winter, Nassim Haramein "looney tunes"… It is no wonder that our habitats where we live and work are detrimental to our health as they are mostly shoe-boxes within shoe-boxes formed of 90 deg. angles and fabricated of artificial materials and lighting of disharmonious frequencies… If we didn't spend any time in Nature, we would literally self destruct of illness. Nature is a great teacher in it's Self Organizing Principals if we can only master our Fear based Ego as a faithful servant rather than commander in chief or "tail wagging the dog" if you will… There in-lies our simple, yet greatest challenge. The "Technical" part is a piece of cake from there.

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