Pilrim’s progress first part

Pilrim's progress first part Wiseman, who urges

Pilrim’s progress FIRST PART

Pilrim's progress first part They


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    John Bunyan

    Born : 28 November 1628

    Elstow, Bedfordshire, England

    Occupation : Author, preacher

    Major Works : The Pilgrim’s

    Progress, The Holy War

    Died : 31 August

    1688 (aged 59)

    London, England

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    • The Pilgrim’s Progress informs of Christian’s

    pilgrimage from his the place to find the Celestial

    City, as well as his encounters and

    adventures on his journey.

    • The writer defends the storyline he’s about

    to inform, that is presented like a dream. He

    explains he went to sleep within the

    backwoods and imagined assertive named

    Christian, who had been suffering from spiritual


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    Christian were built with a

    book, the Bible, in

    hands along with a great

    burden, the load

    of worldly cares and

    concerns, on back.

    Through the guidance of

    the Bible, Christian

    really wants to leave his

    hometown, the town

    of Destruction.

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    • A spiritual guide named Evangelist visits

    Christian and urges him to depart the town of

    Destruction. Evangelist claims that salvation

    are only able to be based in the Celestial City, known

    as Mount Zion.

     His wife, children and neighbors all won’t

    opt for him except uncle Pliable.

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     Enroute, they falls right into a bog known as the Slough of Despond,

    however they saved. But Pliable retreats once they satisfy the difficulties

    in Slough Despond. Christian alone continues.

     He meets Worldly Wiseman, who urges him to guide an operating,

    happy existence without religion. Refusing, Christian is sheltered

    in Goodwill’s house. He then continue your way together

    through many adventures.

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     Christian meets the monster Apollyon, who attempts to kill him.

    Christian is armed, and that he strikes Apollyon having a sword.

     Appolyon may be the indication of demon.

     Christian meets Faithful, a traveler from his hometown. Faithful

    and Christian are became a member of with a third pilgrim, Talkative, whom

    Christian spurns.

     Evangelist arrives and warns Faithful and Christian concerning the

    wicked capital of scotland- Vanity, that they will quickly enter. Evangelist

    foretells that either Christian or Faithful will die in Vanity.

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    • The 2 enter Vanity and

    visit its famous fair. They

    resist temptation and therefore are

    mocked through the

    townspeople. Eventually

    the citizens of Vanity

    imprison Christian and

    Faithful for mocking their

    local religion. Faithful

    defends themself at his trial

    and it is performed, rising to

    paradise after dying.

    Christian is remanded to

    prison but later escapes

    and continues his journey.

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     Another fellow pilgrim named Hopeful

    befriends Christian on his way.

    They entered a lot of places like Lucre,

    By-Path Field, Doubting Castle, The

    Delectable Mountain tops and faced a lot of


    At last Christian and Hopeful gleefully

    approach the land of Beulah.

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    The Land of Beulah

    The Celestial City Is situated in the nation of beulah. The united states was on

    the border of paradise so the shining ones might be seen walking

    there. The landscape teems with flowers and fruit, and also the travelers are

    refreshed. To achieve the gate in to the city, they have to first mix a river

    with no bridge.

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     Christian was very

    much afraid. But

    Hopeful wasn’t so

    much afraid as

    Christian. Christian

    nearly drowns, but

    Hopeful reminds him

    of Christ’s love, and

    Christian emerges

    securely in the water.

     Thus they arrived at

    another finish of river

    they lose your body

    and therefore are transfigured.

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    The residents from the Celestial City joyously welcome the 2


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