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The following day, been thanksgiving Sunday service, following the thanksgiving service she rapidly visited the pastor’s office to be aware what was the problem. When she arrived the Pastor sitting her lower and requested her some certain questions, which she humbly clarified, and also the Pastor requested her if she’d seen any dream of the right will of God on her, then she shared the dream with Pastor and also the ignored her to visit home. Then She left work following the hopes in the Pastor.

There is a brother that visited the branch recently, his name is brother Divine the brother originated from outdoors the nation to go to parents in port Harcourt, and that he visited the branch there he met the Pastor and told him that he’s praying for God’s perfect will in marriage, he includes a company and he’ll be happy if there’s any sister that’s humble, and can be considered a good wife for him to marry. The Pastor brought him to visit and pray to God to exhibit him an indication.
The following day he came back to the Pastor having a thought, based on him he stated towards the Pastor "I had been inside a dream after after i interceded the prayer point’s you gave in my experience, I saw a sister, she sitting lower on the ground behind a wall, and she or he was crying, then I must approach her simply because nobody could help her out, then she explained everything she was passing through, and just how she lost her Job because she did not wish to compromise her belief, and that i had empathy on her behalf and lifted her up, easily wiped her tears, and that i automobile up".

The Pastor was smiling, and that he interceded for him and ignored him, encouraged him to help keep on praying to God. Because the service closed one Sunday, sister Glory and mummy was trekking on the highway, going to their house. Along with a vehicle drove and prevent on the highway, transported mummy and sister Glory. Bro Divine appreciated the dream he’d and distributed to the Pastor, and that he was riding to decrease mummy and sister Glory, he was searching in the mirror within the vehicle, searching at sister Glory and mummy, he appreciated that which was exactly the same person he saw within the dream, but he did not say almost anything to sister Glory and Mummy. He drooped them and left, mummy was thanking him for that help he made for them.

Sister Glory rapidly known as mummy inside and informed her that which was exactly the same person she saw in her own dream, but mummy encouraged her to help keep praying to God.

Then, eventually the Pastor known as sister Glory, and she or he was telling the Pastor what she saw on Sunday because they were going home, along with mummy. Brother Divine also arrived the absent from the sister, telling the Pastor what he saw on Sunday, the individual he met on the highway and just how he enable them to achieve their house. The Pastor did not say anything rather he encouraged him to help keep praying.

Eventually brother Divine known as sister Glory, unknown to sister Glory it had become same brother that helped them on the highway because they were coming back from thanksgiving service on Sunday. Brother Divine informed her that they may come towards the church, he really wants to see possess a discussion together with her, sister Glory honoured the invitation so when she came both of them met together, the Pastor permitted these to chat for around 30mimutes which was how brother divine was declaring that all his encounter and thought and also the dream he’d about her, so sister Glory understood that, which was the "The Right WILL" on her.

Which was the way they began courtship, less than lengthy the standard marriage ended. And subsequently month was their big day. The Church and also the choir’s has prepared themselves to sing for Sis&Bro Divine tomorrow.

The marriage day finally came, Sis Glory was arrayed in White-colored wedding dress, and brother Divine having a deem blue suits. Multitude were contained in that wedding ground, since the news went all around the whole town, and village.

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