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Some factors concerning the slavic god triglav – medievalists.internet

Some Factors Concerning the Slavic God Triglav By Mihai Dragnea Analele Universităţii Ovidius Constant, Vol.8 (2011) Abstract: This article presents an account Triglav, a god or complex of gods in Slavic mythology. Oracular ceremonial that occur for Triglav was identical to the oracular ceremony of Svantevit from Arkona temple in Rugia island. The informations were obtained …

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Evaluating some facets of gas geochemistry of some north ocean oil fields

Abstract Gas geochemistry, a fundamental element of oil geosciences, has been utilized for evaluating source rocks possibility of shale gas as well as in conventional exploration like a guide for figuring out potential productive formations. However, in contemporary occasions, new concepts of gas geochemistry happen to be used in delineating the potency of caprocks. Caprock …

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