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451561879The storyline of Pandora’s box starts with the storyline of Zeus, Prometheus, and Epimetheus. Prometheus and the brother Epimetheus were Titans but promised their loyalty to Zeus and also the Olympians, since Prometheus was created using the special power prediction and understood that Zeus would defeat the Titans. Zeus rewarded Prometheus and Epimetheus for his or her loyalty and gave them the task of making the very first creatures to reside on the planet. Epimetheus created the creatures and gave each a unique skill and type of protection. Prometheus required his time molding man, and it was playing no types of protection since Epimetheus had already given all of them away. Prometheus understood man needed some type of protection and requested Zeus if he could let man have fire. Zeus declined. Fire was just for that gods. Prometheus overlooked Zeus and gave man fire anyway. With this, Prometheus was punished. Zeus tied him with chains to some rock a long way away within the Caucasus Mountain tops where nobody would find him. Every single day Zeus sent an bald eagle to prey on Prometheus’ liver, which increased back every single day to ensure that Prometheus would need to endure this torture daily until Heracles found Prometheus and wiped out the bald eagle and let Prometheus go.

This torture wasn’t a good enough punishment for Zeus who also thought that humans ought to be punished for accepting the present of fireside from Prometheus. To punish man, Zeus produced a lady named Pandora. She was molded to appear such as the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. She received the gifts of knowledge, beauty, kindness, peace, generosity, and health in the gods.


Pandora's Box


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