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Pandora is code signed and employ a sophisticated Assistant Tool to do its tasks, which using advanced APIs by Apple. How it operates?
The OS look for digital signature from the Pandora’s binary, its Assistant oral appliance the launchd-daemon. Only when on the 3 binaries the signature match, the OS
grant Pandora to become performed. This avoid malicius softwares to consider posses of Pandora to do undesirable operations, unlike could be happen from the application containings *poor scripts. This secure your hack, but additionally your Mac.
Can Pandora erase your partitions in error like other tools has demostrate possible as already reported (even when they assure the alternative simply to justify themself)?
Hermes, creating your installer doesn’t permit you to select your present OS ie "/", but additionally let you know with Alert-home windows if you’re selecting
an interior volume or that is one of the same disk of the current OS. Also calculate should there be enough free space before proceeding.
Are not permanent, whenever you create an installer Hermes before each operations possess a triple check: target Volume should be exactly the same always, should have the
same disk identifiers as well as the volume uuid must match. This happen by using advanced API like Diskarbitration (produced by Apple).
Also it’s not necessary to relabel anything before proceed: Pandora doesn’t have this silly limitation, also your target volume might have spaces within the name unlike another person *poor t-application (take into account that ‘OS X BaseSystem’ will contains spaces.. so a t-application so what can do later if cannot manage blank spaces???? :hysterical: ).
Additionally, Hermes doesn’t use funcy methods like "direct install", ie running OSInstall.mpkg by hand. This last is particulary foolish
since OSX need as well an installer to set up OSX.
Otherwise what?
an installer copy some vital files from the root ("/"), inside a direct installation Rather some files are copied from "/" from the running OS.
Isn’t incredibly stupid? :hysterical: (is also how you get to operate it within the same OS… otherwise no chances to really make it work.. )
Additionally that method may cause apps to crash since they’re expecting important libraries to become updated in order to exist, but rather … you’ll have old or missing stuff.
You’re cautioned!

Lots of code, but you’ll visit a real graphical interface with a few facilities and lots of checks to complete right things! .. there is nothing made by situation! :)
* a script could be congratulations, depend who managed to get ), but someone has no clue, give consideration.


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