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I’ve made the decision to create a guide for brand new players to UHC Champions, concerning the Pandora’s Box. The Pandora’s Box is really a chest that provides an arbitrary treasure to individuals who’ve managed to get. Please let me know should there be anything you want to see put into the guide, or anything I missed.

Buying Pandora’s Box:

Pandora’s Box is really a craft bought within the shop (the emerald). It’s found under ‘Bloodcraft’. It’s the top middle tier craft of Bloodcraft.

To acquire Pandora’s, you must have as many as 18,500 coins. Coins are acquired by surviving, killing people and winning games of UHC. You may also gain coins from transferring from Arcade.

Crafting Pandora’s Box:

After you have bought Pandora’s Box, you are able to craft it. To get this done, you have to surround a person mind with 8 chests inside a crafting table. This may turn the crafting table right into a chest having a random treasure inside it.

Chests are acquired through 8 wooden planks in each and every area of the crafting table aside from the center slot.

Player heads are acquired through killing other players.

Listing of Treasures Acquired Through Pandora’s Box:


1 Instant Health II Concoction (4 hearts, 8 health)

1 Instant Health III Concoction (8 hearts, 16 health)

1 Instant Health IV Concoction (16 hearts, 32 health)

1 Golden Apple

2 Golden Apples

3 Golden Apples


8 Gold Ingots

12 Gold Ingots

16 Gold Ingots

24 Gold Ingots

3 Diamonds

5 Diamonds

7 Diamonds

Experience Bottles:

24 Experience Bottles

32 Experience Bottles

48 Experience Bottles

Enchanted Books:

Book of Sharpness III

Pandora's box guide Box, you are able toBook of Sharpness IV

Book of fireside Aspect I

Book of fireside Aspect II

Book of Flame I

Book of Power IV


Strength II + Speed II Concoction (one minute)

Speed II + Absorption III Concoction (one minute)

Strength II + Instant Health III Concoction (one minute)

Trash Loot:

Enderdragon (Turns this area into an enderdragon and would go to ,. It’ll hold off there and could attack people who appear.)

Slap Fish (Sharpness III Raw Fish)

A chest without a penny inside it

We do hope you enjoyed!

Resourse: https://hypixel.internet/threads/pandoras-box-guide.391911/

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