Pandora’s box by jay sankey

Pandora's box by jay sankey Slieght of hands
this really is still an excellent bit of magic. With a decent presentation and showmanship this makes a great

accessory for my existing routines and sets.

The only real lower fall may be the box cannot be proven

empty with a extint. You are able to show every side of this area with clever handling. I had been searching for any

method to show a clear card box to have an effect I already do (silk vanish to card box), and thought this

may be what you want. I purchased it if this was on Penguin’s Awesome Box special for approximately 2 dollars,so

I believed Id try it out. Though it didn’t acomplish things i wanted it to complete, after watching

the dvd with Sankeys teaching from it, I had been excited which i had got it.

I must admit

that I wasn’t a large Sankey fan. I usually seen his stuff on penguin, and also the sheer quantity of

material he sells helped me think he only agreed to be an inventor attempting to make money. I stand remedied,

Sankey has come up with a genuine jewel with this particular one, with a few real life pratical applications for that

ordinary card box.

Sankey, much as it turned out, is really an excellent teacher and presents

his real life ideas with clearness. Slieght of hands with this particular effect is minimum at the best. If you’re able to

work a TT, execute a switch, or finger palm a gold coin, that you can do Pandoras Box with little problems.

Oh, and Sankey procedes to educate some simple sleghts for novices within the DVD. I truly loved his

Pandora's box by jay sankey it perfectlymercury card fold, and that he teaches it perfectly. I truly experienced my moneys worth with this particular one, though I

wouldnt spend the money for 20 dollars its opting for now.

Concerning the gimmick. So what can I only say, I view it

lasting a really lengthy time. Actually once you get the drift of methods the gimmick works and need to

change it,you are able to effortlessly help make your own.

Total, Great product, minimal slieght of

hands and ideal teaching and ideas.I cant beleive I acquired an excellent peice of magic for just two dollars,

thats just uncommon these days. Peace!!


Pandora's Box by Jay Sankey – DVD