What norse mythology informs us about thor: ragnarok


A week ago the brand new Thor movie got some attention on the web for any sleek new magazine cover that revealed massive and monumental changes afoot within the most mediocre from the Marvel movie world. It was Batman gaining parents, Superman losing them, and Ironman not banging these.

Thor cut his hair:


Sweet zombie Samson and Delilah, are we learned nothing from Vacation Bible School? What exactly are they likely to do next? Replace Hiddleston having a walking toaster? I believe Hemsworth’s hair what food was in least the 3rd most significant actor within the franchise.

But, deep breaths throughout, the key to which cover has been completely and fully missed through the Internet commentariat, likely simply because they haven’t read their Norse sagas recently. Because what much more important element is missing?

No, not Jane. Nobody likes you Jane. I am talking about Thor’s hammer. Gone, missing, substituted with a dapper searching set of swords. I suppose, because the Thor world contains dark elves, he stole individuals from Drizzt Do’urden. However the missing hammer is itself much more thought provoking, as it is ubiquitous both in the mythological and comic tales of Thor. Hell, within the original run from the comics, Thor would be a mild mannered researcher having a bum leg, with the exception that he changed into Thor whenever he selected in the hammer. So old-fashioned comics canon is the fact that Thor literally doesn’t exist with no hammer.

Mythologically, though, it will get more interesting. See, in old-fashioned Norse mythology, probably the most weirdly amusing tales may be the Lay of Thrym, by which Thor has his hammer stolen. Loki cuts an offer so the grotesque giant who stole it can offer back if Freya – gorgeous queen from the Aesir – marries stated giant.

And Loki pops up using the plan of dressing Thor as a lady, pretending to become Freya (yes, with full beard, dude bro muscles, armor, just putting on a wedding gown within the whole factor) and tricking the deeply stupid giant to hands his “bride” the hammer included in the marriage ceremony. Thor, not the sharpest deity within the toolshed, is terrible at disguise, and Loki needs to constitute more and more absurd excuses for Thor being Thor before the wedding beeps and Thor smash.

It’s retold very well in episode 24 from the Myths and Legends podcast that we’ve associated with before, or there is a bit drier text summary here.

You probably know this, Hemsworth inside a wedding gown for 2 hrs of comedy will be a vast step up from the prior two movies within the Thor franchise.

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