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In 1643 a Bishop known as Brynjolf Sveinsson was handed forty- five bits of vellum that contains poetry and prose in the heart of ancient Northern European indigenous culture. This collection is known as The King’s Book (the Codex Regius in Latin). It's considered to happen to be written around 1270. Between 1270 and 1643 the manuscript was hidden from public view, presumably to safeguard it from being destroyed through the new religion which came about from Rome. Who the household was that protected this manuscript for more than 3 hundred years we have no idea, and nor will we know their tradition, but we can be certain it will be a treacherous secret to deal with securely with the medieval centuries. The Bishop didn't themself keep your manuscript rather, he offered the gathering as a present towards the King of Denmark. There it continued to be in Copenhagen until 1971, if this was came back to Iceland.


Codex Regius (The King's book) of Eddaic Poems and Flateyjarbok ( Wikimedia Commons )

Warships needed to transport the manuscript over the ocean, like a plane journey was viewed as too dangerous – such was the preciousness from the papers. It's not surprising: these vellum papers represent the couple of written remains in our indigenous past of Northern Europe.

Whenever we open these old scripts we discover in the centre from the Norse mythology contained inside a symbol as archaic as fire: the planet Tree, Yggdrasil.

I understand that the ash-tree stands known as Yggdrasil,
a higher tree, drenched with shining loam
after that comes the dews which fall within the valley, ever eco-friendly, it stands within the well of fate.
(Seeress’s Prediction)

Probably the most acceptable translation from the name Yggdrasil is ‘Odin’s Horse’. Ygg is yet another reputation for Odin, and drasill means ‘horse’. However, drasill does mean ‘walker’, or ‘pioneer’. Some scholars would reason that the name means ‘Odinwalker’. In certain areas of the manuscript, Yggdrasil and Odin appear to become the same.

When Odin hung, speared, for nine days around the World Tree, he uttered the language he had ‘sacrificed themself onto himself’. This stanza provides for us an account from the unity existing between your Godhead and also the Tree within the myths. To stress this connection, we discover in old British the term treow, meaning both tree and truth. Etymologically, then, truth and tree outgrow exactly the same root. Subsequently, within the Norse creation myth, man and lady originated in trees. Many of us are the sons and kids from the Ash and Elm tree: the very first man was known as Ask, born in the Ash, and also the first lady Embla, born in the Elm. Their oxygen offers us the primordial conditions for existence. Ask and Embla sprouted from Yggdrasil’s acorns, so it is the fact that every individual springs in the fruit of Yggdrasil, then to become collected by two storks ,who drive them for their longing moms-to-be. In Scandinavian folklore, they are saying that youngsters are born with the knot holes within the trunks of pine trees, that is another version of the identical myth.

Odin creates Ask and Embla. Published in Gjellerup, Karl (1895).

Odin creates Ask and Embla. Printed in Gjellerup, Karl (1895). ‘Den ældre Eddas Gudesange’. ( Wikimedia Commons )

Artur Lundkvist is among Swedish literature’s finest tree worshippers. Carrying out a reflection on trees and forests, he writes:

‘… in each and every human there's a tree, as well as in every tree there's an individual, Personally i think this, the tree wonders inside a person, and also the individual is caught within the tree … I serenade the forests, the forest ocean may be the second ocean on the planet, the ocean by which man wanders. The forests operate in silence, fulfilling nature’s mighty work dealing with the winds, washing the air, mitigating the weather, developing soil, preserving all of our essentials without putting on them out.’

The folks symbolized Yggdrasil by planting that which was known as a ‘care-tree’, or ‘guardian tree’, within the center from the homestead. It had been a miniature form of Yggdrasil, along with a stately landmark within the courtyard. The concern-tree would be a figurative expression from the interdependence around the globe around us. It'd a soul which adopted the lives of individuals who increased up under its shadow and boughs. When the care-tree had observed many families becoming an adult, the connection between your tree and also the family might have strengthened this relationship was considered to be private and private inside the family line. Many such care-trees can nonetheless be observed in Scandinavia. I'd reason that this is actually the origin from the Christmas tree. We unknowingly bring the planet Tree into the house every winter solstice.

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Norse mythology: Yggdrasil


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