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The Thor and Avengers movies make many people fans of figures for example Thor, Loki, and Odin. However these comic-book figures were not composed by Marvel: Really, they are real figures from Norse mythology. The term "Norse" usually refers back to the people of Norwegian or of Scandinavia in general. Minus the coupon-clipping a great deal about Norse history or culture, however, you most likely have come across the Norse players who required towards the ocean looking for fortune 100s of years back: the Vikings. The Vikings, together with other Norse people of times, supported Odin, Thor, and lots of other gods, similar to the ancient Greeks supported Zeus and all of those other Greek pantheon.

Odin and Ymir

The Norse creation myth took it’s origin from the concept that Earth was produced in the body of the slain frost giant. Learn more about how their creation story explains such things as the heavens, the sun’s rays, and rainbows in this article.


The "World Tree," known as Yggdrasill, may be the first step toward the world in Norse myth, connecting the nine realms of existence. One of these simple realms is Asgard, home from the Norse gods these guys known as Midgard, the human world, Earth.

Norse Myth: Creation and Destruction

The mythology from the Norse people not just informs of the development of Earth and yet another realms of existence but additionally of the destruction via a cataclysmic event referred to as Ragnarok.

Viking Beliefs and Tales

This site in the BBC includes details about Viking beliefs in addition to fun details and animated videos.

Norse Culture

The introduction of myths and legends is definitely carefully associated with the cultural context. Here, discover the good reputation for Norwegian and also the Vikings and also the characteristics of the faith.

Standard Look at Norse Cosmology

This site has useful diagrams that specify the nine realms of existence and just how all of them fit together.

The "Truth" About Thor and Loki

How accurate would be the comic and movie portrayals of figures from Norse mythology when compared to original tales? This short article requires a look.


The initial Thor did not look similar to the one out of the films. Look for a description of him along with a little concerning the myths surrounding him in this article.


Find out about the "All-Father," the final deity of Norse mythology, out of this site, that also discusses his other characteristics and also the tales surrounding him.


Unlike exactly what the comics say, the god of mischief wasn’t Thor’s half-brother, but he would be a companion of both Thor and Odin, sometimes helping them but other occasions hindering them.

10 Disturbing Episodes From Norse Mythology

As with any system of spiritual belief, a few of the tales from Norse mythology contain factors that appear downright horrifying by today’s standards.

Top Ten Viking Tales

The myths and legends from the Vikings were passed lower by person to person for generations. Some tales were according to real people and occasions, while some spoke of the adventures of the deities.

The Great, unhealthy, and also the Mortal: The Deities of Norse Mythology

This site gives details about Odin and Thor in addition to Freya, goddess of affection, and Frigg, Odin’s wife.

Norse Mythology and Volcanoes: Vikings, Fire Gods, and Screaming Zombie Dwarfs

The Vikings had not seen a volcano before they showed up with what would become Iceland, but soon after they showed up there, there is an enormous volcanic eruption. While no direct narratives were passed lower concerning the event, there’s lots of evidence they incorporated their knowledge about this strange and terrifying phenomenon to their myths.

The Norse Gods: Odin, Thor, Balder, Frey, Freya, and Loki

This site gives extensive details about the options of those mythic figures along with many different interesting tales which have been told about the subject.

Norse Mythology for Smart People

Author Daniel McCoy, that has written books on Norse and Germanic mythology, produced this website like a comprehensive resource around the faith of pre-Christian northern Europe.

The Norse Gods and Immortals

Look for a list of all the gods and goddesses in Norse myths and legends in this article.

About Thor

Thor was the most powerful from the Norse gods, and lots of tales about him focus on battles he fought against. He transported a mighty hammer, and that he traveled inside a chariot attracted by two goats.

Loki and also the Master Builder

Grab coffee and browse this story of methods Loki helped the gods win a bet against a huge completely towards the finish, and you will learn a bit more than you expected.

From Thor to Odin: Helpful tips for the Norse Gods

The Protector profiles the main figures of Viking mythology in this article.


Who is Odin?