Norse mythology – the gods from the vikings

Norse mythology - the gods from the vikings within the    Eddas

The red-blooded, rip-roaring, gung-ho Gods beloved through the Vikings. We’re able to have listed them as Nordic, but ‘Norse’ seems like the snorting of the giant fight stallion therefore we selected that.

Their concept of Paradise was VALHALLA. Players only. You’d to die in fight first and become escorted by beautiful blonde VALKYRIES. Here you can clash in fight all day long lengthy, your cleft braches and cleavagings miraculously restored in the close of play. Then you definitely spent through the night carousing, feasting, getting roaring drunk and discussing the day’s fun.

"Bjorn, whenever you required my mind served by that double-headed axe — just fantastic! I did not view it coming whatsoever. My bloodstream hit the ceiling! Just wait until tomorrow though. I have had a great revenge planned." "I’ll drink to that particular! Here, barmaid, five-hundred consuming horns of Kvas please. Along with a bag of poker chips.Inch

So thanks for visiting the Norse pantheon, which isn’t just Norwegian but the remainder of Scandinavia — including Denmark and Norway. The Vikings who have been Swedes travelled mostly eastwards, and also the Danes and Norwegians travelled mostly westwards. (The Swedes also embarked into Finland, that was not very impressed and mostly preferred its very own gods.) And Iceland arrived to the equation and did its very own Viking things from 800 AD.

A thing that helped enormously was that these folks spoke exactly the same Norse language, and might have known their very own Kingdoms underneath the names of Danmark, Vastergotland, Ostergotland and Svealand.

Colonies and footholds were established everywhere, from Greenland to England – where their heritage includes Norfolk and Humberside with lots of Norse-named villages among. So Norse mythology went everywhere within achieve. (Potentially The United States, only for any holiday and also to pick some grapes.) To this day, a few days each week as well as the sun are named for Norse Gods.

Because of the richness of their legends, as told within the Eddas and a number of poetic sagas, Norse Mythology is extremely popular. JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga is full of Norse inspiration and takes the entire factor to another dimension. That is greater than you are able to say for Wagner.

Norse mythology also offers a sister — see our Germanic mythology section for any parallel world of doppelganger Germanic gods.


VIKINGS: Norse Mythology – II: Norse Gods & Goddesses [Thor, Loki, Odin and more]


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Devin Martin: Thor isn't blonde he has red hair and a huge red bread

AubrentheJack: You were willing to give Sif golden hair, but Thor still isn't a bearded redhead?

Mokkann: actually loki is odins blood brother, one day they were walking and odin was in such a good mood that he decided they should become bloodbrothers, so they cut their shoulders open and rubbed the blood together and then put dirt in the cut.

Patrick's Vlogs: I'm Norse pagan, and I can tell you, your correct but you forgot one thing about Loki, about how he gave birth to a horse which is Odin's horse

Gabriel Cintra: this marvel style is ridiculous

Cesare Silvestro: You left out quite a bit of the mythology \n\nHere's a little list of all the things that you are missing; Yggdrasil, helheim, Ull , braggi,FULLA, freki, gebi , kvasir, snotra ,niflhiem, the Asir , sjofen,

Turin: Tyr is the best!

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James Henry Smith: The Norse mythology is a symbolic expression of the life during the Pre-Roman, Pre-Christian Viking and Germanic world.\n\nAesir are the powerful male forces, while Vanir are the weaker female forces.\n\nOdin symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and learning.\n\nFrigg symbolizes unknown secrets of the universe and of the future.\n\nOdin learns secrets of the universe and of the future from Frigg.\n\nHuginn and Muninn symbolize though and memory.\n\nThought is the main way that knowledge is gained.\n\nMemory was important for the ancient pagan cultures, as druids and wise women or wise men (“shamans”) were their tribes and culture’s record of events and ceremony.\n\nSleipnir symbolizes the fact that wisdom and knowledge are everywhere and travel fast.\n\nFreyja symbolizes beauty, virility, and growth in nature.\n\nFreyja’s cats and boar symbolize femininity.\n\nGold is called Freyja’s tears because it is shiny and beautiful, and is scattered around the earth.\n\nFreyr symbolizes male handsomeness, virility, and growth in nature.\n\nFreyr’s golden boar symbolizes handsomeness and the beauty of nature.\n \nTyr symbolizes courage, honor, law, order and defending one’s tribe.\n\nValhalla is a reward after death, where the warriors would find beauty, wisdom, and peace, much like the Abrahamic concept of heaven, and acts as a way to calm and encourage warriors during a battle. In other interpretations, Valhalla is the reward of winning a victory in battle.\n\nValkyries are just transporters. In other interpretations, they symbolize the time and journey that occurs between starting to solve a problem or beginning to fight a battle, and the rewards of victory.\n\nThor represents power and strength, and also lightning and thunder.\n\nThor is Odin’s son, because wisdom and knowledge is power and strength, or at least wisdom and knowledge can lead to power and strength.\n\nThor’s goats represent the longlasting energy of power and strength.\n\nThe giants symbolize the fact that there is only lightning and thunder during a storm.\n\nSif symbolizes nature.\n\nLoki represents evil and dishonorable behavior.\n\nThe ability of Loki to shapeshift represents the many guises and forms that evil can come in.\n\nJormungandr and Fenrir are stories that teach morals, honor, and how to deal with evil.\n\nHel symbolizes death.\n\nSaying that someone went to the underworld just meant they died.\n\nNjord represents the sea, just like Poseidon does for the Greeks.\n\nVidar represents a sneaking warrior that uses guerilla tactics, and spies that gather intelligence for the tribe. This is also why Vidar is Odin’s son and Thor’s brother.\n\nBaldr represents the peace and forgiveness after a war between tribes. This is also why Baldr is the Brother of Thor and Vidar. His ship represents postwar rebuilding and the prosperity due to peace.\n\nBaldr’s death due to Loki and Hodr symbolizes the temporary disappearance of peace, forgiveness and love that happens during a war.\n\nHeimdall symbolizes the tribal guards and army, as they are always on the lookout for enemies. This is also why he is the first god to know when Ragnarok comes.\n\nRagnarok symbolizes intertribal conflicts, or even battles against large empires like Rome, France, or England.