Variations between norse/ nordic/ scandinavian and germanic/ german/ teutonic myths

Variations between norse/ nordic/ scandinavian and germanic/ german/ teutonic myths do not
Around any common cultural system could be after generations and generations of spread more than a large distance, evolving influences from neighbors, and progressively diverging languages. For which it’s worth, you can create root words for proto-Germanic types of most of the common gods of Germanic mythology — *Thun-raz for Thorr/Thor/Donar, etc. I’m not sure how helpful that’s, though.

I am talking about, it can’t be difficult to visit even more by using it, and then try to rebuild a typical Indo-European mythology, noting the apparent similarities between various Indo-European thunder gods like Vedic Indra, Slavic Perkunas, Baltic Perun, Germanic Thor, etc. Actually, you will find researchers, generally following within the Georges Dumezil way of thinking, who publish material doing just that.

So, there is no simple answer, and when you choose, "this really is too different this can be a new tradition" is fairly arbitrary. Personally, my position onto it is the fact that "Germanic" mythology is typical over the entire questionnable Germanic tradition, with apparent regional variations. Furthermore we’ve the issue noted above, by which we do not know what amount of the recorded Norse mythology is really what any Norse believed versus. Sturleson’s own interpretation and propoganda spin around the mythology, there are more vagaries which are interesting.

Variations between norse/ nordic/ scandinavian and germanic/ german/ teutonic myths researchers, generally following withinFor example, and that i really really wish i could remember where I just read this, Odin did not really was once that important of the god, and that he certainly wasn’t the "All-father" until his cult, which spread from Germany, really, pressed him forward. Before that, Thor was the king from the gods within the Germanic tradition. Another intriguing proposition I have heard would be that the Vanir aren’t a local Germanic tradition, and represent growing connection with Celtic mythology quite simply, the Vanir would be the Celtic pantheon, and also the Vanir/Aesir war represent relations between Germanic and Celtic peoples! I am unsure just how much I purchase that concept, but it’s intriguing.

The factor about dental tradition religion that’s been "dead" for hundreds of years is the fact that locating the "definitive" form of it’s impossible, and never even desirable, for me ayway.




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