Skyrim lore and scandinavian and norse mythology :: the elder scrolls v: skyrim general discussions

Skyrim lore and scandinavian and norse mythology :: the elder scrolls v: skyrim general discussions Various ancient crypts throughout
I believe there’s without doubt to state that Bethesda produced Skyrim according to Norse Mythology. Scandinavian and Germanic folklore in the religious traditions from the Norsemen throughout the Viking Age. Norsemen, and also the Germanic people share alot in tradition both modern and ancient. Everything we all experience in Skyrim in the Divines to landscapes and names reflect alot upon the Gods and traditions out of this era. Me being Swedish I’ve found farmville quite interesting not just for slaying dragons, but studying the neighborhood folklore of Skyrim and researching the different locations and Divines. After getting visited my Scandinavian neighbors I’m able to clearly state that the provinces and and scenery in Skyrim is dependant on Scandinavia.

Some similarities between Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls, and Scandinavia:

  • Various ancient crypts throughout Skyrim with names like Ustengrav seem alot like Scandinavia. The term ‘grav’ means tomb or grave in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  • The word Jarl comes with an origin from Scandinavia as every condition were built with a Jarl or Earl ruling that area. The founding father of the Swedish capital Stockholm was named Jarl Birger Magnusson.
  • A Shieldmaiden, also pointed out in Skyrim, would be a warrior lady in Norse Mythology.
  • Many Nord names on figures in Skyrim are generally modern and ancient in Scandinavia. For instance some popular Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish names are Astrid, Elisif, Erik, Frida, Greta, Gunnar, Harald, Henrik, Ingrid, Jenssen, Jesper, Jurgen, Karl, Knud, Lars, Lund, Nils, Ragnar, Rolff, Sigrid, Sigurd, Stig, Sven, Torbjörn, Torsten, Tova, Ulfric, Valdimar, and Wilhelm.
  • Some holds of Skyrim are nearly like the Scandinavian countries. Falkreath and also the Rift in Skyrim is much like Swedish scenery with it’s deep pine forests and colorful birches. But additionally Skyrim generally with eco-friendly valleys and enormous tundras towards the south, and snowy regions and mountain tops towards the north.
  • The wildlife of Skyrim may also be observed in areas of Scandinavia that isn’t occupied by civilization. Arctic Foxes and regular Foxes, Bears, Elk, Moose, Baby wolves, etc.
  • Aurora Borealis is quite common in Northern Scandinavia, or also referred to as polar lights, or northern lights. In Norway we refer to this as phenomenon Norrsken.
  • Ale and Mead was the best of drinks in Scandinavia throughout the Viking Age, and also the unique style of the inns in Skyrim look alot such as the ones you discover still standing today.

Similarities to Norse Mythology:

  • In Norse Mythology giants accustomed to exist and walked our planet.
  • The Divine Talos in Skyrim could be in contrast to the God Oden. Both of them are regular men, and not simply a God, and both were players.
  • In Norse Mythology there have been nine Worlds, as well as in Tamriel you will find nine provinces.
  • Valhall may be the the fallen warriors’ hall in Norse Mythology, in Skyrim it is called Sovngarde. It’s described just like we experienced Sovngarde in Skyrim. The Gods provide you with there to feast and drink within the large mead hall, and also to join the Gods in a single final fight.
  • Elves existed in Norse Mythology plus they had quite a lot of different races. Dark Elves, Light Elves, therefore we possess the Black Elves or also referred to as the Dawrves.
  • There’s a location in Norse Mythology known as Svartalfaheim located under the field of the humans the the place to find the Black Elves or Dwarves. In Skyrim, they are clearly the Dwemer. The Black Elves live subterranean and therefore are probably the most skilled race in blacksmithing in most nine Worlds, and from their store mighty creations for example Tor’s Hammer originate from. These were also considered to be an evil race and frequently put magic spells on their own creations.
  • Dragons also existed in Norse Mythology. Four seem to be recorded ever Fafnir, Jörmungandr, Nidhöggr, and also the 4th dragon’s name remains unknown. It had been wiped out through the Danish King Frotho. This dragon and King Frotho relate alot to Numinex and King Olaf from Skyrim.
  • Words of Power in Skyrim may possibly connect with Finnish mythology, as well as their hero Väinämöinen. He presented his power by utilizing words of power and frequently included in a poem or song. But Finland isn’t Scandinavian and barely have historic bonds towards the three Scandinavian Kingdoms. But worth mentioning because it as being a Nordic country.

Skyrim lore and scandinavian and norse mythology :: the elder scrolls v: skyrim general discussions Divines to
For individuals who are curious about being familiar with Norse Mythology, these couple of videos explain the majority of it. Fundamental essentials videos I began realizing how similar it’s to Skyrim.


SKYRIM: In-game Models VS Real World Inspiration – The ART!


Timothy Strategos: >What Norse design or tech should have been in Skyrim?\n\nHow about ships?

HydrAquas: Timothy Strategos or at least ships that moved

Seleen Shadowpaw: But…skyrim is mostly mountains. Where would you go?\nAlso, the original nords invaded skyrim from another continent, by ships.\nMuch like the Danish vikings in england. Hence his remark that the vikings looked more medival than anything else. British medival after a certain point is just viking.

Emelie Philippe: Very interesting, but I can't blame the studios for don't do the details, I'm a 3D student. If they add so much details, it would double the time before they released their game, and they can't. They have to make money and release game so they can continue their jobs. No time for so much details. As for teso, it's a mmorpg, high quality on servers can ruin the flow of the game. Players rather play without lag than have detailed armors. \nAll of the things that the art direction choose are done with a reflection and a creative point of view. They have their reasons even if it's not the one you would choose :)

Pherim: Let's not forget that when Skyrim was released, it had to run on consoles which, at the time, were more than five years old. As Oblivion had already been made for the same console generation, Skyrim still had to look better overall, which meant increasing the detail and quality in some very obvious parts of the game (faces, for example), and keeping it the same or even reducing it in other, less apparent places. They even added shadows to everything. I think for what they had to work with, the graphics are just fine, and I blame the consoles that it looked dated on PCs when it came out. Sure, they released the HD texture pack (basically standard PC texture size for the time), but that did not improve the models. Of course, PCs have been able to handle much more complex models for a long time now.\nThat's just the technical reason for the low detail in the models, though, the design itself is a different matter.

OtakuOfMe: +Benzux The Ender Master exactly my opinion. just looked into the newest artbook and it is amazing how much they could actually put into the game from the planned artworks.

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king cyrus: ShoddyCast can you make more videos

Dancorps13: Ennio444 if it so historically accurate, why dose the helmets have horns?

Gold healer: I think Skellige from The Witcher franchise has more historical viking styles and patterns on the clothing and weapons.