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CCST 110

Germanic Sagas and Myths

1. Catalog Entry

CCST 110

Germanic Sagas and Myths

Credit hrs (3)

Study in British of Norse and Germanic sagas and myths, of the provenance, as well as their influence upon Western culture.  

Note(s): This program continues to be approved for Core Curriculum Credit in College Core B and College Core B in Humanities.  

2. Detailed Description obviously

Course Content: texts includes chapters on major deities and heroes, Germanic and Norse mythology and legends, and affect on later Western cultural artifacts.  Discussion of assigned readings is going to be supplemented by multi-media lectures concentrating on early Germanic cultures and cults. The category may also read several sagas and epics (in translation). During these texts, students might find how gods and mortals interacted within the arena of Germanic myth.  Additional topics includes Norse and Germanic views from the afterlife, cults, early legends, along with other facets of religious cult and ritual.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct obviously

The category is going to be conducted inside a lecture and discussion format. Lectures covers assigned studying material but probably elucidate the historic, cultural and non secular context from the assigned text. Questions is going to be requested of scholars to stimulate discussion, and thought on variant versions and interpretations is going to be encouraged and so will comparisons with increased contemporary culture and artistic representations. Pictures is going to be proven as one example of mythology at the begining of Germanic artifacts as well as in later art – deities, heroes, connected symbols and adventures. Images of graves, significant sites and monuments connected with major Germanic deities and heroes may also be proven.  Excerpts of flicks and operas according to Germanic myths may also be viewed at school.

4. Objectives and goals from the Course

Radford College students will realize that human experience has boosted significant questions and be familiar with the character and techniques of inquiry within the humanities.  

Radford College students will:

1) Identify concepts, concepts, or developments essential to inquiry inside a humanities


2) Learn how an approach to inquiry within the humanities does apply to some

disciplinary question.

5. Assessment Measures

1) Quizzes on assigned readings.

2) Student projects based on mythological styles together with a written essay along with a

class presentation.

3) Tests: 3 or 4 a semester, including final format is going to be short-answer as well as

short essays that will concentrate on the societal and cultural context and perspectives

of specific myths, on using specific myths to convey human meaning, values

and the objective of early Germanic existence, as well as on the interpretation of those texts

and pictures as religious, literary and artistic expressions from the human experience,

as well as on the level that these early or later expressions through myth tend to be more

or fewer similar to our very own experience.

6. Other Course Information

CCST 110 might be incorporated within the German minor independent study can be obtained to German language students who accept read and become tested on the smaller sized area of the course texts the german language.    CCST 110 may also satisfy Core Curriculum credit in College Core B and College Core B in Humanities. Though not really a literature course itself, this program does require studying several medieval epics, selections from earlier Germanic or Norse sagas, and a few other German librettos (all in translation). Furthermore, study regarding mythology has typically offered to deliver humanistic concepts fundamental to western civilization. There’s no prerequisite with this course.

Review and Approval

September 2, 2014

Resourse: http://radford.edu/content/registrar/home/course-descriptions/chbs-descriptions/mix-cultural-studies/

Mod-01 Lec-01 Understanding Cultural Studies Part 1


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