Grahams random ramblings: odin, god of wind ( norse, germanic mythology)

Based on Norse, Scandinavian and Germanic mythology, Odin produced man and set him on the planet teaching him to search, fish and up until the soil. Also, he trained man to battle. He was keen on a great fight themself and oftentimes became a member of in fight. He produced Valhalla in which the gloriously slain could spend time feasting and fighting.
Odin was also referred to as Wotan or Woden and it was regarded as the greatest and holiest. Other Gods were said to be descended from him. His wife and queen was Frigga, as well as their throne is at Asgard, a town within the clouds.
Odin had great power. He acquired this excellent power from Memir, a classic giant who guarded the sacred “ fountain of wit and wisdom” whoever depths the long run was proven.
The enormous was unwilling to allow Odin to consume in the fountain, and just after Odin had plucked out a watch and tossed it in to the water like a pledge, was he permitted to consume. His remaining eye symbolized the sun’s rays, and also the eye within the fountain the moon.
Odin had many titles, referred to as God of wind, Father from the Gods, Lord of males, Shifty Eyed and much more.
Let’s focus on the enjoyment parts. Odin had an eight-footed steer, Sleipnir, with this animal he required an energetic part in fight. Also, he were built with a magic bow that may shoot 10 arrows at any given time. A definite advantage. Anyhow he inspired his weaponless players with “berserker rage”. This enabled these to perform great feats of valour within their “bare sarks” (shirts). I realize this is actually the origin from the telling “to go berserk”
Another power Odin had, was that needed no food. From time to time he’d sip on sacred mead. He’d two hounds, Geri and Freki, and that he would feed all of them with meat set before him. Also, he needed to ravens, known as Munin (memory) and Hugin (thought). Every morning he sent these ravens to collect news.
He was also referred to as the Wind God, and, installed on Sleipnir and supported by his wolf-hounds he’d charge with the sky heading the “Wild Hunt” from the souls from the dead.
It seems as if Wednesday is known as after Odin, (Wodan), or Woden’s Day, Wednesday.
This posting doesn’t do real justice towards the occasion. A lot more can be obtained from many sites.
My primary source was “The Book of Knowledge”, and also the image from Wikipedia.


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