Distinction between celtic and norse?

They’re way, way, WAY different.

Both their very own gods and tales.

They’re more not the same as one another than Roman and Greek myths will be to one another. (BTW, you will find Roman myths that aren’t the same as Greek

myths it’s not always exactly the same gods with various names).

Norse myths possess a pantheon of gods and tales which have been recorded in 2 important Icelandic manuscripts: the 2 Eddas.

Inside it you will find tales about Thor, Odin, Frey, Freya, Loki yet others.

There’s also heroes for example Sigurd and Helgi.

The gods live on the horizon inside a realm known as Asgard.

It’s generally held the Norse myths are members of a bigger group of myths known as Germanic mythology.

The Celts have a longer history compared to germanic tribes, as well as their mythology differs not just in its figures, but

within the flavor from the tales.

The gods tend to be more vague and there’s been lots of Christian influence within the writings which are left to all of us.

The majority of the manuscripts originate from Ireland they range from the Book from the Dun Cow, it of Leinster

yet others.

The gods didn’t reside in the celebs, but here on the planet, before the appearance of mankind.

They include such figures as Lugh from the lengthy hands, Nuada from the silver hands,

The Morrigan (war goddess), and also the Dagda (good god).

Heroes include Cuchulainn and Finn MacCumhall.

It’s too complicated to visit any more, case an idea.

As lengthy as you don’t confuse the 2, everyone almost offered me a cardiac arrest!:eek:

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