History of mah-jong game

Board games get sick quickly. This dependence appears at the moment when someone of spiritual kindness opened you, like Alice, a small door and showed a beautiful garden. This world is so wonderful that you don’t want to return from this country. And this is impossible, the persistent itch “I want to play, I want to play” will never leave me alone now. An interesting fact is that you get sick of it all at once, you get sick of this phenomenon in principle. In general, it is very difficult to name the most favorite game played because the games can be very different, because it is difficult to compare different things. The criterion can only serve sensations, the level of pleasure, the first experience of exploring a particular game. Zuma Revenge https://mega-zuma.com/zuma-revenge/ . Play Zuma on Mega-Zuma.

In the reviews I read the least interesting is the story about the rules, because I myself can sit down and read them. I’m interested in exactly the emotion. I wonder what’s hooked. If I see an enthusiastic review, most likely written enthusiastically, then I will pay close attention to it, let it be confused and inconsistent. For a boring review about components and mechanics will never compare with such a review. Although this article will be somewhat similar to the present review in that there is something about the rules :).


To compare mahjong with other boards, to talk about the mechanics in this game is also meaningless, as compared to poker. You get sick of Mahjong not because you read an enthusiastic review, but just get sick. You start not only wanting him, but lusting him, sometimes without ever playing. Explaining popularity is difficult. How, for example, can explain the popularity of the Beatles? Yes, nothing. All explanations seem to be untenable when viewing teleulic beatlomania. Honestly, sometimes it seems – some phenomena are marked by some kind of seal from above. Damn, I’m not religious, oh no (otherwise I could have put the words “devil” and “religious” in one sentence), but sometimes there are simply no rational explanations * spreads his hands *. https://www.mahj-ong.info/mahjong-slide/

Mahjong game is not ancient, it is not more than one and a half centuries. During this time, it spread throughout the world, like an epidemic. How nice to sick with this disease, I’ll tell you! Due to the fact that mahjong can not be compared with the boards in our understanding, he took the most honorable place in my heart.

Mahjong on rough estimates really reminds of a mixture of poker and dominoes. With dominoes, his knuckles are related, with poker – picking up combinations, and, oddly enough, mutual settlements between players. Only in poker these are chips (money), and in mahjong glasses. Everyone knows computer mahjong solitaire, when you need to disassemble the pyramid, removing two identical bones. This pyramid has nothing to do with gambling in mahjong – a classic Chinese game for four players, about which this article. However, thanks to solitaire, many people know what images they can meet in the bones, that there is an aid in mastering. Despite the fact that mahjong is a game for four players, there is an option for three, the so-called Korean mahjong, recently we have been forced, but more than successfully mastered.


The goal of the game is to score points more than other players by collecting combinations. There are only three types of combinations: chow (a sequence of bones of the same color), pung (three identical bones) and Kong (four identical bones). When one of the players collects mahjong (four combinations and a pair), the game is considered to be played, and for each player points are made according to the values of the combinations he has collected. This, so to speak, is the essence of the game.

There are a lot of nuances in this game, starting with the definition of a leader (east wind), ending with the fact that the east receives and pays twice. By the way, the problem of randomness in this game is solved quite funny – four rounds are played, each of which consists of four games, that is, only 16 games. Thus, the likelihood that a good hand will come to the player during this time increases. One game takes 20-25 minutes, if everyone knows the rules, as long as we played six. And that little swollen (although this is probably because we played that time in the night). Although morally we are ready to devote much more time to mahjong, yes; the main thing is to stock up on green tea, incense and learn to swear fluently in Chinese with phrases from the TV series “Firefly”.

Mahjong solitaire

Despite the simplicity of the rules, mastering mahjong to a new player is difficult. We even came up with special rules without glasses for the first two or three games, so that a person would be accustomed to the bones, to combinations, options for collecting conga (and there are three of them). During the first games I gradually gradually tell which combinations are cheaper and which are more expensive, and why, and how to get a doubling of points. How much is the collected mahjong, and how to carefully study the bones dropped on the stake.

Calculations between players are conducted in a very unusual way. Everyone at the beginning of the game is given 2000 points. To the winning player (in each game of the round), the others (each separately) pay the full value of his combinations.