BMW Repair And Service

Need BMW service in Kent? Central Avenue Automotive continues to be supplying dependable BMW repair to Kent residents and also the surrounding communities since 1998. Together with boasting condition-of-the-art BMW repair services, our highly-trained team at Central Avenue Automotive is definitely an affordable alternative for BMW dealership service, because we’ve the equipment and tools to provide exactly the same BMW factory service at our Kent facility.


Furthermore there exists a fine team that’s been supplying top quality BMW service for a long time, we use Original Equipment (OE) parts, fluids, antifreeze, and oils which are present in BMWs shipped right out the factory. We offer installing of aftermarket parts, and gratifaction parts. Checking up on your routine maintenance is definitely the easiest method to be sure that your vehicle performs at its perfect for years to come. Our ASE-Certified technicians have specific training in working with both BMW and Small vehicles therefore we can offer service equal to what you will find in a dealership. These luxury cars require unique care and we’re greater than to the job.

At Central Avenue Automotive, we always attempt to meet and exceed your standards, and that’s why we’ve earned an outstanding status for supplying honest and efficient factory service and repairs for those Kent residents. Generate your automobile for whatever it should take, oil service and suspensions, or perhaps to increase its performance. Like a family-oriented business, we always offer condition-of-the-art BMW service, BMW repair, and BMW factory services in an affordable rate.

To maintain your beloved BMW running in pristine condition, take the vehicle into Central Avenue Automotive, for quality BMW repair, BMW performance, and BMW factory service performed with integrity. To schedule a scheduled appointment, visit our website or call (253) 854-6762. If you want to fall off your automobile during non-business hrs, you can complete our night drop form found on our website here. We have an evening drop form available at a shop close to the door. We expect to talking with you!


Exactly what is a Walnut Blasting service, why is it important? Don’t literally put walnuts inside your intake, but keep studying to understand more about this particular service suggested for BMW and Small proprietors every 30,000 miles. It’s especially suggested to get this done before you decide to tune or modify your automobile.

Car Headlight

All direct injection BMW engines are afflicted by excessive carbon develop around the vehicle’s intake valves to some extent. Never fear because this is a typical issue. As carbon levels increase though, the next issues will gradually be prominent. BMW Walnut Blasting Service

  • Poor throttle response
  • Engine Misfiring
  • Lack of gas mileage
  • Cold start idle issues
  • Flat spots within the vehicle’s power band
  • Insufficient Engine Power

Home theater system . are pondering why this occurs for your BMW. The most typical reason behind the carbon develop is a result of contaminants in mid-air that pass over the engine’s intake valves. Inside a multi-port injection engine, fuel is injected before the intake valves, which enables the fuel to wash the buildup that builds up around the intake ports and valves. Contaminants in mid-air mixture will be transported in to the cylinder using the fuel to become burnt.

In BMW’s direct injection engine, fuel is injected into the cylinder. This will cause the oil and carbon contaminants to gather around the valve. With time, the engine is gradually restricted of useable air, and that’s why this particular service is essential. Central Avenue Automotive provides BMW cleaning services for those Direct Injection engines. The services are completed by using our BMW factory approved tooling, and approved crushed walnut covering media. Our service removes excess carbon develop, and could save you considerably more income than in case your cylinder mind was removed to clean.

What Is The Lengthy TERM SOLUTION?

Regrettably there’s no simple means to fix prevent carbon buildup of BMW direct injection engines. Some solutions may publish-pone the issue or perhaps extend the time between services, but they’ll not avoid it fully. Our Service Team will assist you to educate our BMW and Small Motorists about performing this cleaning included in a frequently scheduled maintenance program we advise every 30,000 miles.


Central Avenue Automotive is situated in Kent Washington. We of Expert BMW Technicians offer complete BMW and Small cooper Intake Valve Cleaning services, in addition to BMW and Small Cooper Repair, Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Tuning, and gratifaction Upgrades for BMW and Small coopers.