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Review: loki: agent of asgard #1 fairly funny

The great folks at Marvel Entertainment aren’t any dummies. They do know the idea of corporate synergy, plus they appear to know it much better than their Distinguished Competition does. Apart from Robert Downey Junior. as Ironman, the greatest breakout star from the Marvel Motion picture World continues to be Loki, as performed by actor Tom Hiddleston. He’s stolen the show in most three movies he’s made an appearance in so far, and that i can promise the aspect individuals are most looking forward to for Thor 3 involves Loki. That, and perhaps dealing with see Chris Hemsworth shirtless again.

Therefore the comics side of Marvel pays to take advantage of Loki’s growing sex symbol status, and therefore are playing up within the new Loki: Agent of Asgard series, which debuts now. Simply how much could they be playing up? Among the first images we have seen of Loki in the first concern is him naked bathing (using the convenient heavy comic steam have a tendency to seems to cover one’s naughty bits). It was all clearly designed to play in the character’s formerly pointed out sex symbol status, and good on Marvel to be smart enough to test that position. If the tactic could possibly get more women to purchase some comics, exactly the same ladies who scream like it’s the Beatles in 1965 whenever Hiddleston enters the area in a convention, then mission accomplished.

Within the first issue of Loki: Agent of Asgard, we discover that Loki includes a new lease on existence, literally. After he died (but for the existence of me I do not remember as he died, exactly that he died. It appeared like only yesterday Loki would be a lady), he returned to existence like a more youthful, hotter dude. Not necessarily a bad method to return, thinking about the existence he brought, with that said. The truth that Loki has become recognized by a handsome British actor coveted by fangirls around the world most likely performed an issue within this change, let’s be truthful. But that’s totally ok.

He’s contacted through the All-Mother, that is really a triad of Gaea, Freyja, and Idunn, who give Loki missions on Midgard (that’s Earth, for that uninitiated.) As Loki puts it within this issue, “I’m the All-Mother’s undercover operative in the reason for niceness and young puppies.” Their mission for Loki this primary issue involves him enter your car to Avengers Tower to retrieve some sensitive information using their computers, and pointless to state, shenanigans ensue. But really really funny shenanigans I wasn’t expecting it to create me laugh around it did, but Loki was consistently making funny remarks which had me snickering, usually in the Avengers’ expense. If Loki jogs my memory of anybody, it’s most likely another “trickster God” from popular culture, Q from Star Wars: Generation X. Sure, he’s a smug, manipulative all effective deity, but ya kinda just love him anyway.

When Loki breaks to the tower, he’s on the very specific mission, although he informs the Avengers (whom, incidentally, would be the exact Avengers line-up in the movie. Remember things i stated about corporate synergy at the office?) that he’s there to get rid of their files associated with a proof of Thor’s DNA using their system, from when Tony Stark cloned Thor for their own purposes. Understanding that only the reference to that event, from back during Marvel’s Civil War small-series, can make Thor switch the eff out and go berserk, he’s now began a battle one of the Avengers, so he is able to slip out and do what he really found the Tower to complete. This sounds nearly the same as a chapter of Three’s Company, but in writing it really works and it is fairly funny.

So what exactly is Loki’s mission in Avengers Tower, really? I shouldn’t provide away, however it leads to a fascinating twist of the ending that sets Loki up for any interesting and new role within the overall Marvel World. Series author Al Ewing, that has been creating a reputation for themself with Mighty Avengers, understands how to bring the funny without erasing the dramatic stakes for that figures, or descend into total silliness, regardless of the sitcom-y nature of a few of the items that happens this problem. I had been also particularly fond of how that Ewing describes magic-how it operates, along with what its limitations are. This really is something which is rarely addressed in mainstream comics, also it was nice to determine a reason for the way magic works that helped me go, “Hmmm… OK, I’ll buy that.”

Review: loki: agent of asgard #1 Idunn, who give Loki missions

The pencils about this book come from British artist Lee Garbett (Judge Dredd, Batman). As I found the skill decent enough, there have been panels by which things looked just a little rushed, adopted by pages that looked stunning, giving the general book a reasonably uneven look, but ultimately nothing too distracting. The title character and Thor, for instance, receive some extra care, but cameo players like Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t have a similar focus on detail, it appears. But whatever issues I’d using the pencils were minor quibbles at the best.

Loki: Agent of Asgard isn’t searching to create the planet burning, but it’s an enjoyable book and definitely worth looking at, especially if you’re a newcomer towards the Marvel World through the movies. No, he is not attracted to appear such as the Tom Hiddleston version, but he evokes his spirit good enough. And, for individuals who worry about may be, he sure appears to consider his shirt off a great deal.


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Yoshikage Kira: 1:27 I caught that Steven Universe reference :)

TheDVDGrouch: +rose SKERRETT\nYes I would sat that :)

Benji_So _Dope: I caught that too.😏

Anubhav Kumar: Loki is now apparently stronger than anyone else in the multiverse, he survived the incursion without any protection of the raft or without travelling into a different dimension as silver surfer did. He just stood there narrated and walked!

rbraunbeck96: Hyperion survived an incursion too

Anubhav Kumar: +rbraunbeck96 Hyperion survived when there was something left. Loki survived when everything crumpled into nothingness. ALL UNIVERSES, TIME AND SPACE DIED ALONG WITH  THE FINAL INCURSION.

marco39120: Saw Beta Ray Bill in the thumbnail, had to click on it. Also, Loki keeps switching between a man and a woman so does that make him Trans…Transgender or what? You know, on the low key……….I'll see myself out.

VideaVice25: +marco39120 That makes him genderfluid, bisexual and shapeshifter

Austin Cole: Im in love with Lokis new look

Sol Zen: Having just read the series so far, I must say I find it odd that Odin is now the 'good' parent.\nNow, Odin has always been considered a schemer, who uses even his children in his schemes, but time and again it's been shown those sort of schemes are for what's best for his children, even if they don't appreciate the Machination.\nThe All-Mothers/Freyja completely screwed over Loki when they made a deal with Old King Loki, which Odin was later shown to completely disagree with.\nWhen Loki's secret was outed and ALL of Asgard exiled him, Freyja just told him off and banished him. He then runs into who Odin, who besides admitting his many faults, forgives Loki, gives him a pep talk, gives him sound advice that saves him later on, and sends him home to face his big moment.\nThen when Loki comes back, while Freyja doesn't trust him, it was Odin, Odin, who bore all the crap Loki's previous incarnation put him through, who welcomes him back with open arms.\nYeah, you can comment about him trying to take the hammer from Lady Thor, but for the guy who says, 'my son, who is sometimes my daughter', I suspect his dislike of her has less to do with her gender and more of the fact she took Thor's identity