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Certainly one of Earth’s most effective allies, the traditional and benevolent Asgard were conscious of the Tau’ri for a while. They assumed the personae of Norse gods on the majority of worlds, including Cimmeria (paid by Thor’s Hammer), and K’Tau, a far more progressive world but nonetheless heavily immersed in Norse beliefs.

The Asgard were once people of the ancient alliance using the Nox, the Furlings and also the Ancients. The species was controlled by the Asgard High Council, which monitored activity on protected worlds and created decisions on actions taken against aggressors.

Physiologically, the Asgard averaged about one meter tall, with grayish skin color, small, skinny braches, large heads and black eyes — bearing an uplifting resemblance towards the Roswell Greys described in numerous UFO abduction tales. The Asgard were not capable of meiosis (sexual reproduction) for centuries. They resorted to some exclusively enhanced mitosis (cloning) existence, forcing them lower a way that eventually brought for their extinction. Before that point, some Asgard required drastic steps to guarantee the survival from the species, including kidnapping individuals from Earth to review human development.

Regardless of the Asgard’s small physical stature, their size wasn’t any comparison for their intellect. They effectively developed numerous advanced technologies that dwarf individuals from the Goa’uld, including faster-than-light travel that may launch an Asgard vessel in one universe to a different within a few minutes.

The Asgard established a Protected Planets

Agreement using the Goa’uld System Lords, keeping planets for example Cimmeria, Earth and K’Tau protected from direct invasion. However the Goa’uld Anubis’s advanced technologies (taken or adapted in the Ancients) rivaled the Asgard’s, allowing him to eventually disregard the agreement altogether and render it unofficially void.

An opportunity encounter with Colonel Jack O’Neill of Earth forced the Asgard to reexamine humans as well as their role within the universe. They’d studied people carefully, figuring out the species has great potential. However, O’Neill demonstrated for them that humans were, actually, prepared to explore a larger galactic picture, and also the Asgard then designated him their representative from mankind.

All the Asgard’s technologies and intellectual abilities forced these to a deadlock inside a fight by having an artificial species within their universe: the Replicators. The Asgard, getting exhausted all possible alternatives, greatly relied on the Tau’ri to render help to the species in trying to defeat this enemy. It had been ultimately the efforts of humans that put an finish towards the chapter from the Replicators permanently once the machines joined the Milky Method to wage war using the Goa’uld.

Through the potential for Jack O’Neill, the Asgard acknowledged they considered humanity is the fifth race. When their genetic degradation brought to some extent where their last make an effort to halt it introduced in regards to a debilitating disease, they made a decision to put this towards the test.

Before retreating for their planet, the Asgard endowed our planet vessel Journey having a library computer that contains the sum of the their understanding and technology. To avoid the remainder of their technology from falling in to the wrong hands, they detonated Orilla’s core, completely eradicating the Asgard footprint in the world — approximately it had been believed.

At least a year later a splinter number of Asgard, who’d damaged off and away to solve their genetic degradation problem using less ethical means, were found within the Pegasus Universe. They weren’t surprised once they discovered the dying of the siblings within the Othalla Universe, which appeared to simply strengthen their resolve to repair their cloning problem at all necessary.

The fate of the splinter group remains unknown.



FIRST Made an appearance: Thor’s Chariot


Thor’s Hammer – SG-1 finds out Cimmeria, an Asgard-protected planet, and encounter a holographic recording of Thor — though they don’t satisfy the Asgard themselves.

Thor’s Chariot – When SG-1 returns to Cimmeria, Jackson and Carter talk to the actual Thor, who rescues the earth in the Goa’uld Heru-ur.

The 5th Race – The library from the Ancients is downloaded into O’Neill’s mind, causing him to dial a global outdoors our universe — where he meets the Asgard face-to-face.

Fair Game – Thor and also the Asgard mediate negotiations between Earth and also the Goa’uld System Lords, allowing Earth to become incorporated within the Protected Planets Agreement.

Perspective – SG-1 helps the SGC within an alternate world contact the Asgard, who save Earth from Apophis’s invasion.

Enemy – The effective enemy from the Asgard is revealed when Replicators invade Thor’s ship, taking it to Earth so that they can spread there. SG-1 must destroy the shipped to steer clear of the invasion.

Small Victories – Major Carter joins Thor in protecting an Asgard world from the Replicator invasion, finally providing them with hope their lengthy war might not finish in defeat.

Red Sky – SG-1 finds another protected planet, K’Tau, and should plead for that Asgard’s help once they result in a natural cataclysm. The Asgard refuse, as it might be a breach from the agreement.

Asgard - the stargate omnipedia small physical stature, their sizeFail Safe – They uses the K’Tau hall of knowledge to inquire about the Asgard for help once they look for a meteor on the collision course with Earth — but with no success.

Revelations – The Asgard enlist SG-1’s assistance to save a researcher from the world under siege through the Goa’uld — who’ve defeated Thor in fight and taken him.

Prometheus – SG-1 is stranded in deep space aboard the X-303 when Thor arrives to inquire about their assist in saving the Asgard homeworld in the Replicators.

Abnormal Selection – The Asgard enlist SG-1’s assistance to capture the now highly-evolved Replicators inside a trap, providing them with 1000’s of years to determine how to handle them.

Disclosure – Thor arrives on the planet to protect the U.S. military’s operation from the Stargate program, and also to outfit the Prometheus with Asgard shields and weapons like a thank you for SG-1’s efforts.

Lost City, Part 1 – When O’Neill downloads the Ancients’ knowedge into his brain again, the S.G.C. once more attempts to contact the Asgard, but with no success.

New Order, Part 1 – Teal’c and Carter visit the Asgard universe Othalla, in which the Asgard have produced a black hole to destroy the Replicators — with no success.

New Order, Part 2 – Thor saves O’Neill in the Ancients’ understanding in the mind, and also the team helps defend the final Asgard world from the Replicator invasion, providing them with a effective weapon against their technological enemies.

Covenant – Whenever a wealthy industrialist creatures an Asgard clone and shows it around the world, Thor involves help SG-1 convince the planet it had been an imitation.

Unending – The Asgard commit mass suicide, calling all people of the species for their new homeworld and passing all of their technological and cultural history onto Earth (through the Odyssey’s new Asgard computer core) before exploding their planet.

First Contact – The rogue Asgard visit Atlantis to steal a bit of technology which supports them win their fight from the Wraith, and therefore secure dominance within the Pegasus Universe.

The Lost Tribe – The rogue Asgard reveal themselves to Daniel Jackson, and then fail in destroying the Wraith using the Attero device.

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Stargate Atlantis – Asgard Plasma Beam Weapons Test


Peter Steel: A good example of overkill that ship was long dead before they stopped firing.

Geoff Green: Maxim #37: There is no "overkill." There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload."

Blazaboi95: 'MURICA!!!

Angmor Dagnithil: Oh yes. I'm reminded that the Daedalus-class ship is perhaps the coolest looking spaceship ever.

TsutomuTomutsu: No fair. Because Asgard.

Fubar AlAkbar: No…no fair, because war ; )

Txtspeak: If you've gotten into a fair fight, you've done something wrong

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