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About 2 yrs following the demise from the Asgard in their own hands within their home universe, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Rodney McKay experienced a splinter number of Asgard within the Pegasus Universe. Exactly why these Asgard left their house was simply because they wanted to conduct experiments on people to be able to solve their cloning problem (human physiology is not far from the initial type of the Asgard). The Asgard High Council forbade this kind of experimentation, which splinter group steered clear of within their intergalactic spaceships 10,000 years back in order to steer clear of the Council's sanctions. Understanding that human existence existed in Pegasus which the Ancients and Wraith were distracted using the war, the Lost Tribe from the Asgard transported on their own experiments without interference. Then, the Ancients lost world war 2 and left Pegasus underneath the charge of the Wraith. The Asgard had already created several settlements by now, which settlements were targeted through the Wraith simply because they were technologically advanced. The Wraith destroyed the Asgard's intergalactic ships within the first fight. Consequently, the Asgard retreated to some planet with no Stargate to cover inside a poisonous atmosphere. Initially they could survive this harsh atmosphere with simple breathing apparatus, but over several 1000 years, even their advanced armor—what the Asgard known as "exoskeletons"—couldn't adequately safeguard them using their dying planet. Consequently, they'd to head out in to the universe once again, ever fearful they could be found and destroyed through the Wraith. (Stargate Atlantis: 5.10 inchVery first Contact Part 1", 5.11 "The Lost Tribe Part 2")

Within their travels, they found an investigation facility built through the Ancients that housed a sophisticated weapon produced by the researcher Janus to battle the Wraith throughout the war. This same Janus was the one that had built a period machine in the puddle jumper and it was one of the survivors who steered clear of with the Stargate to Earth when only individuals Ancients in Atlantis were left. A lot of his projects weren't authorized by the Lantian High Council, so he built a secret lab within the lower degree of among the towers of Atlantis. Daniel and McKay were those who discovered this secret lab, so when they joined it, McKay's Ancient gene activated the dormant systems, such as the answer to the Attero Device (that is what the Wraith known as this weapon). This key was connected via a subspace connect to the primary Device within the facility the Asgard found, and every time they recognized they could get rid of the Wraith with this particular Device's full reactivation, they sent a spead boat along with a team to Atlantis to retrieve both key and also the Ancient who'd activated it. Because both Daniel and McKay were within the secret lab once the extraction team showed up, both were taken using the answer to the ability on M6H-987. (Stargate Atlantis: 1.15 "Before I Sleep", 5.10 inchVery first Contact Part 1", 5.11 "The Lost Tribe Part 2")

McKay reactivated the Attero Device following the Asgard threatened to kill them (Daniel was the first to visit while he was "not too type of researcher"). Then, he discovered why Janus had abandoned the unit 10,000 years back following a three-day trial: Not just had the unit destroyed Wraith ships because they joined hyperspace, that was its original design, it caused Stargates to blow up when activated because of a power build-up originating inside the wormhole itself, that was the unfortunate and devastating "unforeseen side-effect.Inch Daniel tried to reason using the Asgard two times: first, not to switch it on since it had some type of unknown dangerous side-effect, and 2nd, after it had been switched on, to power it down when the "unforeseen side-effectInch is discovered. The Asgard leader described his dying race's desperate have to get rid of the Wraith no matter what, even when it meant the dying of countless others because of the utilisation of the Stargates. Due to the leader's refusal to show from the Tool and to utilize the Expedition on other options, Daniel and McKay were forced to try to switch off the unit by themselves, even when it meant their deaths. (Stargate Atlantis: 5.10 inchVery first Contact Part 1", 5.11 "First Contact Part 2")

Meanwhile, the "unforeseen side-effectInch is made very visible once the Stargate in Atlantis blew up. Fortunately, Atlantis were built with a shield that lessened the outcome from the explosion, but people on other planets which were using Stargates at that time were not so lucky. Following a hundred generations living exclusively in spaceships, the Travelers were creating a colony on the planet. The Stargate's explosion wiped out three 1000 settlers and destroyed a couple of their spaceships, including an old Aurora-class starship that they salvaged with the aid of the Expedition. (Stargate Atlantis: 5.11 "First Contact Part 2")

Daniel and McKay managed to get into the primary chamber from the Attero Device itself by putting on the Asgard's exoskeleton suits (they'd to go in the chamber since the Asgard had removed the important thing and locked them from the control systems). Entering this room was very harmful, and Daniel was hit by a number of bolts of electricity while McKay was protected lengthy enough to disable the unit by yanking out its control very. Despite the fact that Daniel was putting on the armor, he was still being seriously hurt. Fortunately for him, the Daedalus showed up in the planet over time to make use of its Asgard beaming technology to retrieve both him and McKay. The Travelers destroyed the ability. Two Asgard's ships were destroyed inside a space fight to safeguard that facility, however a third ship were able to escape via a hyperspace window. Daniel predicted these Asgard were probably to carry a grudge since their intend to run free within the universe through the elimination of the Wraith was thwarted. (Stargate Atlantis: 5.11 "First Contact Part 2")

The Lost Tribe from the Asgard had some incredibly advanced technology (Stargate Atlantis: 5.10 inchVery first Contact Part 1", 5.11 "First Contact Part 2"):

  • Their small spaceships had hyperdrives and could penetrate Atlantis's shield (McKay needed to customize the shield to stop this from happening later on).
  • Their exoskeletons not just protected the Asgard from the toxic atmosphere, they also permitted these to jump using their spaceship and crash over the top of the tower unharmed.
  • These exoskeletons also had personal defense shields that may safeguard them against Earth's projectile weapons, but when an Asgard was taken or wiped out, the suit activated a self-destruct.
  • They'd a circular platform that generated a defense shield, burrowed through several quantity of a tower, and transported its passengers to their spaceship.
  • They'd energy-based hands-held stunning weapons.
  • Their experimentation on humans in Pegasus helps them solve a few of their cloning problems, but, similar to their now-deceased brethren within their home universe, they're still struggling with diminishing returns that would likely finish their race.

Articles around the Asgard

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This number of articles covers a brief history, science, and technology from the Asgard, along with the biographies of the key personalities.

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Notable Figures

  • Thor – The Final Commander from the Asgard Fleet had tremendous popularity of the humans of Earth. The renowned Asgard, he was the SGC's most reliable Asgard ally and friend. He fought against for Tau'ri interests on several occasions, both with as well as for them. He gave several bits of Asgard technology to Earth, and granted Asgard engineers to assist use them. We first meet Thor in 1.10 inchThor's Hammer".
  • Freyr – Freyr was an Asgard of comparable nature to Thor, pretending to be the god of K'Tau. He'd several conferences using the SGC, called the one that contacted the SGC after Thor's "dying".
  • Heimdall – Heimdall was an Asgard researcher focusing on genetics. He ran the Asgard genetic problem and it was allotted to the Asgard specimen being examined within the Adara System. Although ultimately ineffective, it was considered very important towards the Asgard.
  • Hermiod – Hermiod was an Asgard researcher with specialization in spaceflight and engineering. As opposed to Thor, he was rather quick tempered and frequently grew to become annoyed in the comparatively primitive humans.
  • Kvasir – Kvasir was an Asgard focusing on engineering and technology. He helped the SGC, Carter particularly, with your troubles because the multiple alternate SG-1's and also the Ori Supergate. He was onboard the Journey once the Ori invasion started with the Supergate, and attempted to correct the beaming technology to ensure that Carter might be introduced aboard. He'd no spontaneity and were rather smug and condescending to his Tau'ri allies, much to Carter's annoyance.


  • When the Asgard learned that the Tau'ri of Earth had reopened the Stargate and were going through the universe, they started to rely on them to aid in fighting against the Replicators. The Asgard, consequently, helped Earth by including it within the Protected Planets Agreement the Asgard had created using the Goa'uld System Lords. The Asgard considered Earth too coming to joining the truly amazing Alliance. They held the SGC personnel in great esteem for his or her actions in aiding the Asgard within the Replicator war, in addition to helping all of them with their genetic difficulties. The Asgard gave our planet much technology, helping humanity achieve the heavens. Their last act ended up being to give Earth all their understanding and technology.
  • The Asgard defended several worlds from the Goa'uld System Lords, twenty-six in most. It is a puzzle when the Protected Planets Agreement had been honored through the Asgard following the System Lords have been largely eliminated. Probably, the Asgard were pretending to be the gods from the protected peoples and were trying to advance them enough where these were prepared to learn the reality regarding their protectors. The condition of individuals Asgard-worshipping societies has become, sadly, under consideration.


  • We first met the Asgard using the understanding that they are at war using the Goa'uld. However, typically they allow the Goa'uld cower in fear at the strength of their technology, instead of really engaging positively to eliminate the Goa'uld.
  • The Replicators voraciously tried to expand in territory and technology, using the Asgard to be the primary defenders against them. The Asgard finally defeated the Replicators, with necessary the help of the Tau'ri.
  • The Ori were trying to attack the Milky Way universe via Supergates, and also the Asgard gave military support towards the battle to halt their spread into this universe. Finally, they committed suicide instead of allow the Ori bring them prisoner within their ill, weakened condition.
  • Whilst not in direct war using the Wraith, the Asgard were clearly prepared to defend the Tau'ri against their enemy.
  • The Lost Tribe from the Asgard within the Pegasus Universe would be the opponents from the Wraith since the Wraith destroy individuals who're technologically advanced. This number of Asgard, however, will also be an opponent of humans of Pegasus since the Asgard use humans within their "unsanctioned" genetic experimentation to be able to solve the Asgard's cloning problem. This number of Asgard has already established a name in Pegasus not less than 10,000 years.



Stargate SG1 – The Asgard Give Humanity All Their Technology (10-20)


LordDante85: not gonna lie.. I cried. Thor was my favorite character even though we saw little of them. Miss that little guy. He also single-handedly made the asgard one of my favorite alien races in sci-fi for that matter.

851995STARGATE: The part that made me cry was when Thor said "Please do not be sad" :"""(

Celio Ribeiro: me too :)

Jacob Kleinsasser: Question. Why did the Asgard have the Odessy come over and upgrade that when they could have just sent humanity all of their spaceships?

Jacob Kleinsasser: Nenad Podjebavić that only helps my argument.

Chris Terry: Jacob Kleinsasser or even better take the design specs for both Prometheus and Daedalus class ships and then build exact duplicates of them 20 each so that would be a total of 40 ships that give Earth built the AR specs but heavily upgraded by the Asgard but no they take all of their technology and all of their ships and boom

AlabamaSoldier: Really wish we'd gotten to see more of the Asgard vs. the Ori.

Matt E: One thing I hated about this why couldn't they stick around another week, There new energy weapons could destroy an Ori Mothership and the number of ships and resources the Asgard had the Ori could have been wiped out pretty dam quick. The Ori Ships that came to their home would have been destroyed if they deployed those weapons on other ships like the Oneal Class.

GriggsC123: I want another Stargate Series!

IncredibleDarkSuit: the problem is (how i see it at least) the same with my wish : another good Star Trek series but possibly they would just fuck it up and it wouldn't have the same feel to it sadly