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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardWho shall we be held ?LinkedinTwitterSlideshareRSS FeedPritiman Panda

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardAgenda Introduction What’s Asgard ? – a couple of definitions AWS Management Console versus Asgard Features supplied by Asgard Asgard – Landscape Benefits of using Asgard Installation Steps Additional Info Items to be used care of Reference Links

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard All of us should have learned about Netflix among the greatest Movie/Television Shows streaming site. But toadd on, it’s also a game title changer within the Technology front with regards to experimenting andadvocating Free Products for Cloud based development and platforms. Large amount of Innovation and ideas stop by from Netflix. Some companies go as a referencemodel for his or her Architecture design, implementations along with other cloud offerings Watch-out for contemporary happening at Netflix Tech Front –

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard “Asgard” – an internet interface for application deployments and cloud management. Its a Self Service Tool utilized by Netflix within the last many years to deploy services and applications towards the Amazon . com Cloud Asgard can also be regarded as Netflixs home-built free tool manages Amazon . com workloads. To include on Netflix is among thebiggest users of AWS. Asgard is known as for the house of the Norse god of thunder and lightning, and also, since Asgard is how Netflix developers go tocontrol the clouds the name sounds appropriateWhat is “Asgard “? – a couple of definitionsAmazonWeb ServicesAccess the AWS functionalities viaREST APIsAsgard Web Interface

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardAWS Management Console v/s AsgardCriteria AWS Management Console AsgardSecurityThe credentials and also the secret key needs to be shared withevery developer for being able to access the AWS account.The credentials and also the secret keys are configured in theConfig.groovy file in the Server finish. The Asgard Portal canbe utilized comfortable, without dwelling in to the passwordsecurity management.Logging and AuditIt is difficult to debug and trobleshoot and fix because the AWS doesnot expose any log of latest user actions with an account.Logging and Audit Trail are integrated using the Asgardmanagement system supplying lots of transparency anddetail.ConventionsWith multiple users being able to access the cloud and incorporatingtheir changes, without any conventions, can finish in aunlabelled clutter and costly placeAsgard enforces naming conventions to keep thecloud a saner place that’s easy to audit and clean upregularly as things get stale, untidy, or forgottenIntegrationAWS as being a closed system, there’s no scope for anyintegration touch pointsAsgard as being a free product and console, provides a lot of versatility to create changes and integrate with otherexternal systems.Automate Workflow NAAsgard offers an intelligent mechanism for thedeployment process in which necessary steps can beperformed to allow or disable instances/ASGs and monitorthe Application PerformanceTo summarize, Asgard may be the baby born from the REST APIs uncovered by AWS underneath the nursing of Netflix

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardAddressing towards the discomfort points from the Amazon . com Web Service, Asgard providessome from the following features in line with the cloud management and clustermaintenance interface : load balancing, auto-scaling, launching, security single view for managing services, organized around eachapplication maintains application registry in Amazon . com Simple DB duration each demonstration of the applying continues to be running andwhen it had been created node details inside a multi-node atmosphere or cluster difficult and infected nodes can be taken off – rollback manage moving push, by which all of the nodes of the cluster can bereplaced one at a time, without disrupting the whole process of thecluster like a wholeFeatures supplied by Asgard

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardAsgard – LandscapeBusinessApplication

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard Amazon . com Key or Account is needed for each individual who would like to access thecloud atmosphere making changes and development around the AWS cloud. With theAsgard approach, the business might help their workers to gain access to the AWSwithout discussing the credentials and keys. AWS lacks support for Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs). By leveraging ASG(provided byAsgard) customers using AWS can offer reliability, redundancy, financial savings,clustering, discoverability, easy deployment, and the opportunity to roll back a baddeployment quickly Asgard enforces conventions to create cloud a saner place, having the ability to auditand cleanup regularly as things get stale, untidy, or forgotten. Jetski from us frommaking the cloud a unlabelled clutter, when utilized by multiple users inside a CloudEnvironment AWS doesn’t provide any Logging Mechanism from the user account and actionsperspective, this is when Asgard becomes handy supplying a auditability to thesystem. Integrating with a few in-house or exterior systems. But indicate note, this whatNetflix did by integrating using their inhouse systems like Jenkins and Discoverysystems. Have to confirm how it operates out to leverage this Integrationfeature From your automated and intelligent deployment perspective, Asgard can providethe multiple step approach one form submission. Simple REST APIs could be uncovered and printed, hiding the complex steps from theuserAdvantages of utilizing Asgard

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard Download the Asgard WAR in the link : Install Tomcat 6.x inside your system Result in the following Changes towards the server.xml within the folder ~/Tomcat6/conf/ Delete all of the contents within the ~/Tomcat/webapps/ folder Copy the Asgard.war towards the webapps folder Start the Server Hit the browser http://localhost:8080/init Login together with your AWS ID and Secret keyReference Link : Steps

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardSnapshot

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardWhere can one discover the Source Code :It’s been open-sourced now and it is readily available for public use and downloads at github : Asgard is released underneath the Apache License, Version 5. – have fun with the work making improvementsAdditional Info

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to AsgardThings to become taken care of Make sure that you have Java6 in your body (NOT Java 7, Asgard isn’t suitable for the Java 7 and throws exceptions) It really works on Chrome, Firefox along with other Browsers although not Ie

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard (ASGARD – Reference Screenshots andreference in my slide content!! ) Asgard, the Grails Application that Deploys Netflix towards the Cloud (Slides 2012) Building Cloud Tools for Netflix (Slides 2011) Building Cloud Tools for Netflix (Video 2011) Ramp Up Installation Guide Problem Solving Installation REST-APIsPlease Note :The majority of the Contents within this Slide Deck are referenced in the Tech blogs at NetflixFew Reference Links

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard‘am still exploring this Free offering and can keep enriching the information in line with the learning. Should you havesome ideas and reference information within this context don’t hesitate to share them across.Happy Learning!! :-)ThoughtsImage Source :

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard• http://www.freedigitalphotos.internet for image• for image• for image• for image•• for image• for image• for image

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    Author : Pritiman Panda Intro to Asgard

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Clifford Stclair: that theme song is just epic

Christian Ramos: Does anyone else agree how amazing and beautiful Asgard looks :D

vind3x: Wonderfull storytelling, and the music is AAAWESOME! :')

TheInsensitiveAsshole: Asgard: The Realm Eternal.

jim james: how much do you recokn plumbers would get paid there?

Official Filmilen: I love the Asgard intro, I can watch it all day

kelly wilson whitehead: Asgard makes me think of Gallifrey

時崎狂三: First time I saw this on cinemas I was like: Whoaaaaaah :O

pepsi78: Nothing but trouble from these gods.

Nigel Smith: The opening and closing credits of the movie seem to depict Asgard as an artificial flat planet within a containment field to maintain it's atmosphere which would require very impressive technology to achieve this. Also because the Asgardians weren't able to rebuild the Bifrost chamber does that mean that the technology wasn't originally of their design and additionally other technology that they use is also not of their design either. I would like your thoughts on this.