Table of united kingdom & norwegian oil, gas field outage schedules

five years : From August 2012 to August 2017

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The next table lists unplanned and planned outages at U.K., Norwegian and Danish oil and gas fields in ’09 and 2010 reported by Dow jones Johnson Newswires from both official and unofficial sources.

Operator Field/Platform/ Period/Duration Oil Output Gas Output

Pipeline (b/d) (bcm/year)



BP No.1 Jetty, This summer 1 – Sept 30 N.A.

Hound Point

Maersk Oil Duc fields August 15, seven days 225,000 N.A.

BP Unity Riser August 1, 3-4 days N.A.

Nexen Scott This summer 12 (unknown period) N.A.

Statoil Troll A June 29 (unknown period) N.A.

BBL Company Bacton Terminal Jun 14- 15 36 MCM/Day

Total Elgin Jun 8 -12 N.A.

PX Teeside Gas Processing June (unknown period) N.A.

Gassco Norpipe Jun 6-22 N.A.

BP CATs Jun 6-13 48 MCM/Day

Gassco Norsea Gas Terminal Jun 6-12 N.A.

ConocoPhillips Ekofisk Jun 5-20 255,000 3.06

Statoil Heidrun June (unknown period) 75,000 .24

Covering Ormen Lange May 26-June 2 16.93

Gassco Langeled Easington May 26-June 3 45 MCM/Day

Statoil Gullfaks C May 20 – Jul 13 60,000-70,000(a)


Nexen Buzzard May 3, three days 200,000*

Total Elgin Franklin April 23 (unknown period) 280,000(a) 15.5 MCM/Day

Covering Ormen Lange Marly 10-12 16.93

Covering Draugen February 20- indefinite 50,000 .07

Nexen Buzzard February 16-23, 200,000*

at 30,000-50,000 BOE/day

Chevron Erskine Platform Jan 24(unknown period) N.A. N.A.

Covering Ormen Lange Jan 9 or Jan 10-11 16.93

BP Cleeton gas platform Jan 10, five days N.A.

Statoil Troll Jan 2 (2 hrs)

Gassco Kollsnes Jan 2-3 (unknown period) 143 MCM/Day

DONG Siri August 31, 2009- Jan 2010

(a) Barrels of oil equivalent



Statoil will conduct maintenance in the following fields this year: Sleipner A, B and T Snorre A and B Troll A, B and C Kvitebjorn Norne Asgard B Kristin Njord. The majority of planned maintenance will occur in August and September.


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