Storms, alarms shut in additional norwegian oil, gas production

Storms, alarms shut in additional norwegian oil, gas production that the organization
London (Platts)–19Jan2006

Fierce winter storms and fire scares shut within 120,000 b/d of

Statoil’s Norwegian oil production Thursday additionally to stopping 43-mil

cm/day’s gas and 118,000 b/d of condensate output the 2009 week.

Statoil, Norway’s largest oil company, stated it shut lower the 35,000 b/d

Visund field within the North Ocean night time Wednesday and evacuated some workers

after gas and fire detectors were activated around the platform.

The organization stated checks have confirmed there wasn’t any fire around the platform

but output wouldn’t resume until "the management views that justifiable."

Visund seemed to be producing 5-mil cu m/day’s gas prior to the shutdown.

Statoil also stated its 125,000 b/d Norne oilfield within the Norwegian Ocean is

now producing in a third of ordinary levels because of heavy storms that have

forced it to suspend offloading operations.

Norne is presently producing 41,000 b/d among high winds that have made

it unsafe to offload the field’s floating production ship, now approaching its

storage capacity, a business spokeswomen stated.

The area is anticipated to stay at 41,000 b/d production until Saturday

when Statoil plans wishes to resume offloading, the state stated.

Production rates at Norne had came back to normalcy the 2009 week after

output was slashed to 25,000 b/d last Thursday because of similar stormy weather.

Statoil operates the area having a 25% equity stake. Its partners are Norsk

Hydro (8.1%), Eni (6.9%), Covering (6%) and also the state’s Petoro (54%).

Meanwhile, a Statoil spokesman reiterated that the organization wishes to

restart some 43-mil cm/d of shut-in gas and 118,000 b/d of condensate

production in the Norwegian Ocean Asgard B platform around the weekend.


Smoke and sparks were observed in an exhaust flue around the Asgard B platform

Sunday, triggering an instantaneous shutdown from the platform and 2 connected gas

and condensate fields–Kristin and Mikkel.

"Inspections aren’t yet complete but we’re wishing to restart through the finish

from the weekend," the state stated Wednesday.

Planned production at Asgard B now was 27.5-mil cu m of gas,

45,000 b/d condensate, Statoil stated earlier. Some 11-mil cu m/d of gas and

62,000 b/d of condensate in the nearby Kristin field and 4.5-mil cm/d of gas

and 11,000 b/d of condensate field in the Mikkel field were also shut in.

Such as the Visund shutdown, Statoil has become losing a complete 48-mil cm/d

of gas production. The organization has stated, however, the hitch hasn’t affected

deliveries to the gas customers.

The majority of Asgard’s oil creation of near to 90,000 b/d is created via

the Asgard A floating production vessel, that was not shut lower through the alarm

on Asgard B, and isn’t impacted by the incident.

Statoil operates the Asgard field having a 25% stake. Its partners within the

project are condition holding company Petoro (35.5%), Norsk Hydro (9.6%), Eni

(14.9%), Total (7.65%) and ExxonMobil (7.35%).

Statoil had also suspended all construction focus on the Snohvit field in

northern Norwegian Thursday because of the worst winter storms seen for a lot of

years. Individuals the town of Hammerfest in which the LNG plant is under

construction continues to be told in which to stay doorways.

–Robert Perkins,

–Willy Olsen,

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Pot Cafe: the Americans would consider us a 'threat to US national security' if we tried to pull such a stunt. besides, big oil owns the Canadian government; our Prime Minister himself is an unabashed shill for the oil industry. you seem to be under the impression that WE have some say in the matter? we don't. what Canadians may wish to do with our country's natural resources simply isn't on the oil baron's corporate agendas.

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KilonBerlin: Yea lets hope, since it would make fracking, new large drilling and exploration in new blocks lucrative again, horizontal combined with fracking, at 75$ it was, now they reduced it to around 70$ during the low oil price phase,, and the US almost had a record in 2014, without the oil price crash the old peak (which hubbert said correctly in the early 50's or so) from 1970 had really could have become the new 2014 "Peak",\n\nand since a country produces high amounts a "Peak" can only be said after 2 or 3 years when oil prduction is declining, in oil there are only few such countries, but natural gas most of the countries have record amounts…\n\nand US will only need the 3 to 3.5 million barrels from Canada (higher price = more operations at the giant area, divided into 3 zones, one extreme large major near Fort McMurray and 2 other "small" ones, but all 3 oil sand zones together, their area is larger than most european countries…\n\nNorway has its gas and the 50/50 deals with Rosneft daughter from Russia in the Barent Sea and other area in the north… what happens than? We have still daily a growth of oil stocks worldwide of over 1 million barrels daily "too" much, India is the new hope as it surpassed the old ships which once carried 1.5 million or even 2 million barrels are now often oil bunkers at sea, and China and India increased its emergency reserves, same like India made, they bought the cheap oil and now most storages are onshore but they also have old tankers… \n\nUnlike the US they don't post their numbers :> China also became like the US recently a net oil product exporter to countries bordering it (China and Russia both got 14 border countries) and also product tankers bringing it to South or Central America for example…

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