Statoil introduces new “cat j” jackup rig for norwegian continental shelf [video] – gcaptain

statoil cat j jackup rigImage courtesy Statoil

OSLO (Dow jones Johnson)– Norwegian gas and oil giant Statoil ASA (STO) Friday stated it’s presenting a brand new drilling rig concept for mature fields around the Norwegian continental shelf, inside a proceed to boost the recovery rate from the wells and lower costs.

The brand new rigs will cut production costs by around 20%, cut yard delivery costs by 10%, while increasing oil recovery, the organization stated, essential at any given time when production from the existing fields is falling by about 5% annually.

The partially condition-owned company stated it’s preparing an invite to tender for that new jack-up rigs, referred to as category J, in a position to operate at water depths from 70-150 meters and drill wells lower to 10,000 meters. Statoil asks for offers for at least two rigs, in an believed price of $450 million-$500 million each.

statoil cat j • Tailor-designed for operations in harsh atmosphere • More effective material handling on deck • Synchronised operations • Water depth abilities • Separate completion and drilling fluid systems Image courtesy Statoil

The organization stated the brand new rig type might be utilized on fields for example Gullfaks around the Norwegian continental shelf and Mariner around the U.K. shelf, which the long run Johan Sverdrup field may be an applicant.

“Statoil has huge ambitions around the Norwegian shelf. You want to maintain current production until 2020,” stated Statoil’s Chief Procurement Officer Jon Arnt Jacobsen, adding the new rigs can help refresh the present rig fleet.

“Today, greater than 50 from the rigs around the Norwegian continental shelf tend to be more than twenty years old, meaning more maintenance and greater costs,” Jacobsen stated.

The most crucial measure to extract more oil in stock would be to drill more wells, the organization stated. The Kitty J concept “will have real effect on improving oil recovery,” stated Statoil’s Senior V . P . for Drilling and Wells, Oystein Arvid Haaland.

Statoil stated the rigs ought to be of the licenses for every field, because the rigs are members of the lengthy term growth and development of the area. The organization has discussed this with partners like the condition-owned oil company Petoro, stated Jacobsen, adding that Petoro “supports this method fully.”

Statoil is presently developing several large fields, including Gudrun, Dagny, Valemon, Luva, Skrugard and Avaldsnes /Aldous. Additionally, it plans elevated oil recovery projects on several fields including Snorre, Statfjord, Troll, Oseberg, Gullfaks and Asgard, and fast-track developments on fields like Stjerne, Visund Sor and Hyme, amongst others.

Statoil may be the world’s largest offshore operator and it has 44 developed fields around the Norwegian continental shelf that created about 1.4 million barrels each day this year.

The invitation to tender is going to be issued in This summer and also the contracts is going to be awarded within the other half of 2012. The rigs is going to be delivered within the other half 2015.

At 1051 GMT, Statoil traded .6% greater at NOK161.40.

-By Kjetil Malkenes Hovland, Dow jones Johnson Newswires