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The Norwegian Oil Directorate (NPD) has awarded its improved oil recovery prize for 2016 towards the licensees from the Åsgard field within the Norwegian Ocean for his or her subsea wet gas compressor.

This can yield almost 50 million cubic meters (306 million barrels of oil equivalent) in gas and condensate.

Based on the citation, the answer on Åsgard is the effect of a lengthy-standing commitment by ambitious leadership and passionate engineers. The licensees – Statoil (operator), Petoro, Eni, Total and ExxonMobil – have shown the stamina to follow-through completely from initial concept to decision and implementation.

Operational from October 6, 2015, the compressor may be the first available on the planet. It stands in 300 meters (984 ft) water so they cover a place much like a football pitch. Gas is retrieved from reservoirs 2,500 meters (8,200 ft) underneath the seabed.

Gas compression is among Statoil’s key measures to supply greater and lucrative volumes on existing NCS fields, states mind of Åsgard operations, Halvor Engebretsen, who received the prize with respect to another licensees.

Åsgard subsea gas compression may be the world’s first and something of Statoil’s most radical innovation projects, he states. Fraxel treatments represents a quantum jump that could lead to major enhancements both in the recovery rate and lifelong for several gas fields. In close collaboration with suppliers for example Aker Solutions, MAN and Technip, Statoil has qualified greater than 40 technology.

The concept was created greater than twenty years ago. Testing of subsea installations on Draugen, Troll, Tordis and Tyrihans in 1994-2009 were necessary moves for the realization of the step-altering technology.

Its development was went after inside a close collaboration between your oil companies and numerous suppliers who’ve competed for that contracts.

“Achieving such interaction is possibly particularly important today,” NPD director general Bente Nyland stated when presenting the prize throughout a conference in Stavanger. “So is keeping world-class, dynamic engineering clusters.”

She stated the it mustn’t spend less a lot it becomes impossible for Norwegian’s gas and oil industry to ongoing making world-class technological advances. The NPD would challenge more players to attain this type of collaboration.

The Åsgard subsea compression technology not just represents an essential contribution for improving recovery from that field, but additionally provides possibilities to recuperate more gas and oil using their company reservoirs. Subsea processing, and gas compression particularly, might make it simpler to build up breakthroughs in deep water as well as in areas not even close to existing infrastructure.

By using this technology on Åsgard is anticipated to yield 49 million cubic meters in gas and condensate in the Midgard and Mikkel reservoirs. The recovery factor is anticipated to increase from 71 to 86 percent for that former, and from 46 to 68 percent for that latter.

Inside a discuss the prize, Nyland highlights that recovering all commercial sources belongs to the each licensee’s work commitment: “That naturally involves risk, so we therefore acclaim technology development and pilot projects. “When we have seen these succeed, as continues to be the situation with Åsgard, we have to recognize the inventiveness and boldness displayed through the companies. They’ve taken a good investment risk, and may now reap the reward.”

She believes that this type of project could have been harder to produce with today’s cost and oil cost regime. “This implies that the profitability of the field is decided if this ceases production, and never by current gas and oil prices.”

The work continues to be demanding. Statoil started testing within the K-lab at Kårstø as soon as 2008, if this attempted out a complete-scale model underwater. The most crucial qualification areas happen to be power for that compressors, the compressor motors and also the control systems. Growth and development of the installations system for that modules has additionally been a vital area.

Åsgard is on the Halten Bank within the Norwegian Ocean, about 200 kilometers (124 miles) off mid-Norwegian and 50 kilometers (31 miles) south from the Heidrun field.

The Åsgard A oil production vessel began production in May 1999. Åsgard B is really a semi-submersible gas and condensate processing platform, which came on stream in October 2000. Åsgard C is really a condensate storage vessel tied to the area.

The whole Åsgard field development ranks one of the largest developments around the Norwegian Continental Shelf, embracing as many as 63 production and injection wells drilled through 19 subsea templates.

Resourse: http://maritime-executive.com/article/

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