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Pioneering subsea gas compression offshore norwegian - onepetro hydrocarbons ever further away

The world’s first full-scale subsea gas compression system is incorporated in the final stages of construction and it is on schedule to become set up in the Åsgard gas field offshore Norwegian by year’s finish. Norway’s condition-owned gas and oil company, Statoil, states the project may be the largest and many complex subsea development ever carried out both in size and scope to represent a step forward to have an industry which has searched for to create hydrocarbons ever further away from shore for over a century. Having the ability to process and compress gas far underneath the harsh surface conditions from the Norwegian Ocean, Statoil envisions the next where surface installations aren’t needed to build up subsea fields. The idea is called the subsea factory, and the organization aims to set up one able to produce both gas and oil by 2020. If effective, the Åsgard subsea gas compression project will end up the most recent milestone in showing the company’s ambitious objective can be done.

Statoil selected Aker Methods to design and make the machine after figuring out that the subsea compressor station was economically favorable coupled with a larger technological potential in contrast to setting up a semisubmersible platform. By using a compressor train around the seafloor, “you are nearer to the reservoir, and that means you can perform more with less,” stated Svenn Ivar Fure, Aker Solution’s senior v . p . of strategy and business development. “You don’t need to take the gas up to and including platform after which pump it lower again. That gives lots of advantages,” he stated.

Fure also noted that, besides requiring less energy to offer the same finish, a subsea system requires far less personnel to keep and oversee its operation. While subsea facilities require constant monitoring, it is possible remotely with far less people than essential for a standard platform. This gives the operator with considerable saving regarding salaries, logistical services, helicopter transportation, catering services, and power generation. And, because no personnel work on the machine day in and day trip, the danger for injuries and lack of human existence is reduced. Furthermore, Statoil and Aker Solutions claim subsea compressors involve a less complicated build and installation process in contrast to what semisubmersible platform.


Åsgard subsea compression sailaway – 18 June 2013