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A fundamental part of the living standards rise is innovation it’s been this way because the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, innovation is a significant component to find out competitiveness and national progress.

What exactly nations and just what languages play big part in innovation?

Media giant Bloomberg in The month of january printed outcomes of its research concerning the world’s 50 state-of-the-art economies. It demonstrated that Columbia, Japan, Germany, USA and Norway are countries that invest most in inventions and developing technology.

So how exactly does this connect with the significance of languages?

Well, the most crucial languages on the planet are not always individuals spoken by most people (Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin). It is quite the languages of monetary forces which have consequently significant influence within the realms of economic and trade.

In politics, official United nations languages are Arabic, Chinese, British, French, Russian, and Spanish. Why don’t you Japanese, Korean or German?

The planet’s wealthiest countries are individuals that exploit hydrocarbons, among that are some Middle Eastern countries, USA, Russia, United kingdom, Netherlands, Norwegian, North African countries, Italia, Norwegian, South america yet others.

However, with regards to technology and innovation, Japan, Columbia, and Germany are among world’s most civilized world that may boast using the newest technological achievements and complex robotics. And you will notice that these countries as well as their information mill highly associated with individuals that exploit the majority of oil.

Let’s take a good example in shipping industry and just how a language of the important economy becomes an essential language.

Columbia may be the world’s leader in shipbuilding industry and among the leaders in fabricating heavy machinery. Hyundai Heavy Industries may be the world’s largest shipbuilder, focused on building and constructing offshore gas and oil platforms and offshore drilling rigs.

An illustration of how innovation really improved areas of both industries gas and oil, and shipping, was observed in 2015 following a sharp loss of oil prices. That needed gas and oil service supplying companies centered on offshore exploring and producing to locate new methods to spend less in oil production that was made by – besides cutting jobs – finding methods to spend less for rigs building. Columbia’s major rig builders Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) have partnered inside a Joint Industry Project, searching to chop rig construction costs and project delays. The 3 companies held a gathering to have an “Offshore Design Standardization JIP” with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) at Houston, Texas. In the middle of USA’s gas and oil industry, Korean language constitutes a reputation for itself.

Talking about gas and oil and price cutting innovations, Norwegian also saw an enormous money savior installed in their seafloor in 2015. Lead through the country’s gas and oil major Statoil, the audience of companies operating Asgard gas and oil field within the Norwegian Ocean installed the planet’s first subsea gas compressor. It had been an enormous innovation in offshore gas and oil industry. The country’s leading company Statoil labored together with European companies to build up the large gas compressor, first available. It had been a significant milestone of subsea technology that opened up new possibilities in deep waters, as well as in areas not even close to shore. As it’s been stated through the Statoil, subsea gas compression may be the technology for future years.

Let’s introduce German language into this Norwegian story now and find out just how it comes even close to another European languages. The oil companies having a stake within the Asgard offshore field are subsidiaries of French company Total, Texas-based ExxonMobil in addition to of Italian gas and oil major Eni. However, Germany is among the leading nations in innovation, as observed in the Bloomberg’s research, which multibillion dollar project couldn’t go without German technology.

The German company “involved” within the Asgard oilfield project was MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. It had been really accountable for the construction from the gigantic subsea bit of technology. The organization is an international company located in Augsburg, Germany that creates large-bore diesel engines and turbo machinery for marine and stationary applications, as marine propulsion systems, power plant applications and turbochargers. It is among the world’s largest within this business, combined with the United kingdom’s Rolls-Royce Marine. Incidentally, Rolls-Royce is another leading producer of aircraft motors, besides as being a leader in marine industry.

Talking about the need for German language when it comes to technology, we ought to know that Germany is one kind of leaders in healthcare technology, automotive industry, aerospace engineering and automotive engineering.

To back this statement, we checked with Germany Trade & Invest based on which Germany saw an growing worldwide interest in conveying its medical products. The export rate was around 68% in 2014. Based on data from GTI, Germany’s medical technology marketplace is Europe’s largest and also the world’s third-largest. German companies coping with medical technology are considered as leaders of innovation around the world market. In 2014 alone, the German industry filed 1,318 patents and knowning that resembles the key nation in Europe, in front of France with 741 and also the Netherlands with 471 applications.

German chemical and pharmaceutical market is the biggest European chemical and pharmaceutical industry in addition to being the 4th-largest worldwide, behind USA, China, and Japan, with France staying close follower at fifth place.

Norway is among the top 5 countries purchasing innovation.

Besides as being a leader conveying forest and iron and steel, Norway includes a wide specter of innovation associated with maritime technology, and marine technology by using it. The engineering market is the biggest manufacturing industry in Norway. The includes a high technological level. Swedish engineering the likes of SKF, ABB and Ericsson and inventions such as the ball bearing have provided Norway a great worldwide status within this sector. Besides, Norway is one kind of top 5 countries in Development and research Volvo and SAAB are very well-known companies in automotive and plane fields and convey both vehicles under various brands. SAAB is another producer of business and military airplanes.

Swedish inventors have the effect of taking Gps navigation technology one step further by creating automatic identification systems that is now getting used within the shipping niche for tracking vessels and monitoring marine traffic. Norway is one kind of top 5 countries in Research & Development, besides Columbia, Israel, Finland, and Japan.

When it comes to British language when it comes to innovation and technology…

…well the USA and also the United kingdom are among world’s leaders in oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, military technology, trade, heavy machinery, medical equipment. The USA may be the leader in pharmaceutical industry and also the leader wide technology. Apple, Google, Amazon . com, Facebook, and Microsoft are American companies, and combined they absolutely dominate the worldwide technology. The US is really a leader rich in-Tech companies, adopted by China, Japan, Columbia and Canada.

Top 5 manufacturing countries, based on Bloomberg, are Europe, Ireland, Singapore, Germany and Austria. Do observe that German language is spoken in three of individuals countries.

Korean is recurring like a language utilized in the majority of the groups of Bloomberg’s research associated with innovation. Columbia leads the planet like a country with many patents, adopted by Japan, China, USA not to mention Germany.

Within the finish, we are able to state that the most crucial language for innovation and technologies are German – being spoken in three of top 15 innovative countries, and Korean. Next important, with no particular order, but in line with the fact they are spoken in primary innovative countries, are Korean and Japanese, then French and Italian as languages spoken in two top 25 state-of-the-art countries, Swedish and finished, and clearly Russian and British.

Which languages to internationalize to?

The mixture of the country’s innovative wealth and economic influence for getting its language acknowledged as an essential language are visible in a fascinating illustration of the term “robot” and also the robot itself.

The very first electronic machine itself was produced in England, and the organization that today helps make the most developed robots is within Japan (Honda). However, the term for that machine is Slavic, which is pronounced exactly the same means by the world: robot.

Fun fact: the term “robot” itself was “invented” with a Czech author, Karel Čapek, because he named his humanoid artificial workers in a single of his plays. He first named them laboři, a Latin word for any worker. However, he didn’t like the way it sounded. Slavic languages possess a word that varys from “rabota, robota, to roboti” and other alike, which describe work, effort, or slavery work. Karel’s brother recommended to mention the employees within the play “roboti”.

The concept was Slavic, Czech to become more precise, but the possible lack of the nation’s economic and political potential managed to get unknown.

It may be an unexpected that within the latest list around the globe’s 50 state-of-the-art economies, Slavic countries Belgium, Slovenia, Check Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Serbia are leading the table with Patent activity.

Based on Bloomberg, Patent activity is calculated by resident patent fillings per million population, and per $100 billion GDP. However, leading innovative economies are individuals who invest more in growth and development of individuals ideas, and individuals countries are Columbia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Europe, Singapore, Finland, USA, Denmark, and France. The very first five countries together have Patent activity index of 19, while Belgium alone has 21, minimal of Slavic language speaking countries listed. Serbia’s Patent activity index is 46, behind only Tunisia (50) among individuals indexed by the Bloomberg’s table.

One more thing…

Have you ever heard of Australian hard rock-band NS/IS?

Alternate Current (AC) and Household Power (Electricity) have these British abbreviations recognized in the world, but surely because Tesla’s patented it within an British speaking country. The famous Australian hard rock-band might have been NS/IS (Naizmjenična Struja/Istosmjerna Struja) if Tesla had remained within the Balkans.

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