Abb to power subsea gas and oil field within the deep norwegian ocean

Abb to power subsea gas and oil field within the deep norwegian ocean gas and oil industry
Aker Solutions and it is client Statoil select ABB to secure reliable power towards the world’s first subsea compressor at record-breaking 43 kilometers in the floating production facility

Zurich, Europe, – ABB, the key power and automation technology group, has won a purchase worth about $36 million from oil services company Aker Methods to provide drives and transformers for their subsea power distribution system for that Asgard subsea gas and oil field run by Norway’s Statoil. An order was booked within the third quarter.

ABB’s equipment will make sure reliable power, in addition to enhanced motor speed and control, for that world’s first subsea gas compression system from onboard the Asgard A floating vessel from the northern coast of Norwegian. The electrical system can transmit 15 megavolt-amperes and 189 hertz, enough to control of 10,000 homes, more than a distance of 43 kilometers. Once completed, this is a global record distance along with the greatest current and frequency achieved from a drive on the floating production facility along with a compressor around the seabed.

"The space and current dependence on this operation turn it into a milestone task for the gas and oil industry," stated Veli-Matti Reinikkala, mind of ABB’s Process Automation division. "ABB is constantly on the develop its experience because the world leader in subsea electrification our technology, project experience and engineering sources were essential to winning this important order."

ABB drives and subsea transformer lead to increase the productivity, profitability and lifespan of existing offshore gas and oil fields. As extraction will get farther away from processing operations, the opportunity to provide reliable power gets to be more challenging.

Abb to power subsea gas and oil field within the deep norwegian ocean hertz, enoughABB has labored with Aker Solutions on the similar project, to power a subsea water injection system in Statoil’s Tyrihans field, 31 km in the surface operating platform.

ABB ( is really a leader in power and automation technologies which allow utility and industry people to improve performance while lowering ecological impact. The ABB Number of companies are operating in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people.

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Abb to power subsea gas and oil field within the deep norwegian ocean Tyrihans field, 31 km

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