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Tales of symphonia faq/walkthrough for ps 3 by kratos15354 - gamefaqs save point and push

Meltokio Sewers

Treasure to obtain:

  1. EX Jewel Lv 2
  2. EX Jewel Lv 3
  3. Great Axe
  4. Spirit Ring
  5. Breastplate
  6. EX Jewel Lv 1
  7. 2500 gald
  8. Thunderbolt
  9. Card of Lightning

If you are have less HP/TP, you can check out home of Assistance with the eastern coast to relax for that previous night returning to Meltokio.

Once within the sewers, increase the steps and alter the part from the ring. Utilize it to contract lower and walk along a narrow ledge behind the ring changer and go into the small hole. Check out the sack to have an EX Jewel Lv 2. Retrace towards the ring changer but don’t Alter The RING FUNCTION BACK and mix within the spider web. Should you choose alter the function back, then mix the spider web, you’re trapped there and can’t complete the dungeon. Strike the blue panel to go back to normal and climb the steps. Defeat the rat for any Memory Jewel. Go north and east along the road to look for a locked door. Open the chest area in the attic to locate an EX Jewel Lv 3. Go completely in the stairs to locate a trash compactor. Check out the yellow levers to activate the garbage compactor. Push the block it can make towards the western fringe of the region to locate two gaps within the railing. Push the block with the southern gap, where it’ll land within the water. When the block breaks, you didn’t push it with the correct gap, so return making another.

Get two more blocks in the compactor and push these to the southern fringe of the region and thru the 2 gaps. There’s an opening within the wall just left from the compactor. Shrink lower and come in. Open the sack for any Great Axe. Go completely lower the steps, beyond the locked door, and lower another group of stairs. Open the chest area hidden in the attic for any Spirit Ring. Shrink and walk across the narrow path right from the stairs. Get big again on the other hand and look at nowhere wheel on your wall to spread out the doorway. Feel the door to locate a sealed memory circle. Remember where this really is, I’ll utilize it as an item of reference. Go west in the fork and lower the steps around the south side from the path. Shrink lower and look at this area within the water. When you are getting out, strike the blue panel and look at the red wheel on your wall to spread out the very best door. Shrink near the box and jump to the narrow path. Abide by it to in which you got the Spirit Ring. Go completely in the stairs and employ the doorway you simply opened up.

Make use of the second compactor here to create a block. Push it across the catwalks before you achieve a large part. Shrink, walk over the web within the corner, and strike the blue panel. Pull the block in your direction once and mix the net again, then strike the blue panel. Continue pushing the block across the catwalk to another corner, in which you will push them back. Go back to the save point and go lower the steps south from it. Open the chest area hidden through the stairs for any Breastplate. Shrink and walk across the narrow path and go ahead and take left branch. Increase the steps, shrink to get involved with the cage, strike the blue panel, and look at the best side from the cage to spread out the doorway. Go out over the bridge and south towards the save point.

Return to the 2nd compactor to uncover that the new web is made, enabling you to push a block beyond you can before. Make another block and push it across the catwalk exactly the same way you probably did earlier. Push the include in the 4th corner therefore it arrives at the bridge towards the cage. Go back to the save point and push the block in to the cage until it falls on the button, creating a bridge extend.

Return to the 2nd compactor again to uncover that another web has been created. Push one further block across the catwalks once again, this time around pushing them back in the sixth corner. Return lower towards the bridge towards the cage or more the steps north from it. Shrink lower and go into the hole west from the blue panel to locate an EX Jewel Lv 1. Exit the opening and pull the block east and push it with the gap around the southern fringe of the woking platform. Go beyond the save indicate free airline, north over the bridge, and lower the steps. Shrink and walk over the narrow path, then check out the yellow wheel on your wall to spread out the ultimate door.

Feel the door and open the chest area around the smashed bridge for 2500 gald. Continue south and lower the steps. Go north across the path and shrink to enter the opening hidden through the second brown pillar. Open the sack for any Thunderbolt. Carry on north across the path and shrink just to walk more than a narrow path hidden behind water falls. Go into the final hole prior to the three blue panels to locate a Card of Lightning. Strike the three blue panels to battle three convicts who should not pose a threat. It might be smart to heal before you decide to strike the panels, just in situation. When the convicts leave, increase the steps. Open the chest area to battle an imitation. Keep in mind that only elemental attacks can hurt him. Continue in the stairs towards the north and exit the sewers.

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