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  • Mount Thor is known as for that Norse god of thunder, and trust me, it could simply take an action of divine intervention (or Marvel Comics superpowers) to get at the very best. The peak’s west face may be the longest vertical drop on the planet: 4,101 ft (the greater a part of miles!) straight lower. Really, the slope is steeper than vertical, because the face is really a 105-degree overhang.

  • As you may imagine, a sheer 4,000-feet rock face isn't any picnic to climb. Greater than 30 tries to scale Thor met with failure before a four-man American team finally completed the climb in May 1985. They faced nonstop dangers from falling rocks to dwindling supplies—even though they introduced over half a lot of food, gear, and fuel in the high cliff together. The ascent required them 33 days!

  • Mount Thor is a well-liked site for BASE jumpers and paragliders wishing to obtain the ultimate hurry by tossing themselves from the world’s tallest high cliff (presumably after slamming a Mountain Dew). But Auyuittuq Park includes a unique jumping ban, because of the impossibility of getting emergency crews towards the remote location, so Canada routinely prosecutes thrill-seekers dumb enough to accept shortcut back lower to base camp.

  • If you’ve overcome the world’s tallest vertical high cliff and therefore are searching for brand new challenges, mind to Baltistan, in northern Pakistan. The east face from the Great Trango Tower there's the world’s tallest near-vertical high cliff: less sheer as Thor, but 3 hundred ft taller. The very first expedition to scale Trango’s east face, back in 1984, died around the descent, and it is still broadly regarded as the world’s toughest big-wall climb.


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LaserUnicorns: Hey guys! We just added subtitles in Thai, Slovak, Polish and updated the italian ones so they shouldn't be Spanish anymore, haha. We got all the subtitles from our awesome Facebook community, thanks a lot guys!!\n\nIf there are any problems or faulty subtitles, let us know! And if you have made subtitles in your language, send them to us and we'll upload them as fast as we can. \n\nWe're closing in on 10 millions now, this is crazy!!!

Paul Dickinson: The perfect movie doesn't exi-

RifleDoesGaming: "What year is it?" "We're in the Viking Age" that explains the laser raptor, fuck\n\nHistory has never made better sense then this

Prussia: I threw away my physics book when I saw E = mc3.

Clorox Bleach: This is better than interstellar and Rogue One

freakycookie101: I would pay for a sequel.

Taiwan Numbah whan: Guy with the phone: yea yea\n\nPhone voice: what?\n\nGuy with the phone: I did the blood test.\n\nPhone voice: uhuh?\n\nGuy with the phone: It was positive\n\nPhone voice: What? what the hell are you talking about\n\nGuy with the phone: yea yea, no problem!\n\n\nsenseless conversations 10 out of fuckn 10 would watch again.

TehPunkka: funny how the nazis speak swedish

yellow55836: I'm disarming you. The best thing i ever heard.

Waya525: My son told me about this….proof that Hollywood needs to go out and see that there's more talent outside of remakes and sequels!